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27 Questions: Vice Duke Boobee MG Lar

Updated on May 16, 2017

Opulent Sunflappiness 3

1. Opulent Sunflappiness 3 is an awesome game. The Protectors of Dewj Froth have actually already defeated the game. There is an excellent gameplay that they have done there on their particular page.

2. Please refresh me. Which location contains the gold dragon and the see-saw? I must research this.

Update: Okay, I found it! The Gold Dragon is racist against blue people. If he gets on the see saw with them, they will play a trick on him and make him jar his silverware. He doesn't like having his tiny silverware jarred. The blue people hate Gold Dragon because he killed quite a few of them. They are at odds.

3. The budget for the Dewj Froth Movie was $6,400 plus an untold amount of additional money for advertising. It was a long process to get things done. Whenever you have to work with certain folks who are too much of perfectionists, things can kind of get bogged down. I'm not a perfectionist. It's just that when I get things done, I typically get them done correctly on the first try. Rarely do I have to do 2nd takes. You can call me Mr. One Take if you like.

Some people take too long trying to get the production quality just right. What's the point of that, though? Let's be honest. I have some of my songs and movie scenes where you can hear the air and my fans blowing in the background. Do you really want to know why I do that? I'll tell you. Think about it. Fans blowing in the background. As a result, now I have a couple of thousand of fans. I would guess at around at least 5,000 from all of the contacts that I have had. Maybe even more than that. Ergo, when I have fans blowing, it's a symbol that my fans will increase. And you have to be honest with yourself. Are my fans increasing? Yes, they are. Will they continue to increase to around 1 billion or so? Yes, they will. I know that sounds crazy for now. But then again, people said I was crazy when I told them that Prep Froth and Posh Froth were going to become as popular as they now are!

4. I am 34 years old.

5. Yes, my age is actually relevant.

Time Travel

6. Time travel doesn't impact my age. It does, however, impact my optimism and my intelligence. The more I time travel, the lower my optimism grows for humanity as a whole. I see that most people will reject, ignore, and poke fun at the Sluv Froth messages. It's sad, but it's an inevitable thing. Most of humanity will reject, ignore, and make fun of Dewj Froth as well. You see, this is why the ZionAncientz will leave. However, as stated before, they will continue to keep in contact with the Protectors of Dewj Froth. At least until the year 2031. After 2031, what will then occur? Well, humanity just may be left to its own devices.

7. Please clear that up for me. In Episode 81 Arms of Sophdual 5, what exactly do you mean by the green paper being a3 or a4? Give me the exact time frame of where you see that because I've watched that episode numerous times and I don't see where you're seeing that.

8. My beautiful wife and her everpresent love and involvement with Eternal matters. ZionAncientz. Time travel. Futuristic music and scenes. Alternate dimensions and galaxies.

10. I will have to relocate PFLITC Sub 1. I have an idea where it might be.

Episode 63 Posh Froth Time Travel 3

13. I will give you an answer to that one.

14. No, we don't have a house.

Update: Actually, my wife and I are working on closing out the deal for getting a house! We're so excited! We're not getting too happy, though, because we don't want anything to fall through and not work. We're ready to live in our own little place. It's in the country, and we have quite a few acres! I hope we get it! So far, we're the #1 contenders. So, in due time, I might be telling you that we have a new house!

15. My wife is as beautiful as ever. She's feeling sick at the moment.

Update: My wife is feeling much better. I'm so glad.

16. No, I don't have kids.

Zoney Death

17. No, you don't have to pay any shekels for playing Zoney Death.

18. The new Star Wars Movie. No, that movie isn't affecting my sales at all. Things are the same because I have hardcore fans. I have the best fans in the galaxy, yo!

19. I have a happy amount of shekels. I am satisfied with my life!


20. I don't have too much familiarity with bit coins.

21. Let them visit my website. Then let them listen to my music.

22. 2016 is treating me better than 2015.

23. I handle most of the props. Only rarely do I allow Vice Duke Adino E to handle props. He's too much of a perfectionist. I'm trying to get my wife to handle some of the props. So far, it's a no go.

24. Well, I'm certainly not on first. I'm on homeplate because I constantly hit homeruns.

26. Yes, Androids do dream of electric sheep. My phone is an Android, and I hear it baa baa all the time!

That Evergoing Conversation Between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

It is now the Sabbath!

In Verse 1, the temple of God is God's Church. Christians are God's Church. We who follow Jesus Christ are them that worship therein.

Notice how it says measure. We are being measured everyday. This ties in to the Book of Remembrance and the scales. Everyday we must choose to follow God's Commandments.

In Verse 2, it talks about the court which is without the temple. This means the outside world. Non Christians will be left outside of the kingdom of Heaven. The Holy City also represents us Christians.

In the future, the wicked people will have 42 months to behead those of us who are Christians.

This is known as the Mark of the Beast time frame.

Yes, some Christians will die. However, Heaven is their reward.

In Verse 3 the two witnesses represent the Old and New Testaments. This is about the King James Bible ONLY! Eventually you will get to the King James Bible.

The KJ Bible will be spread like wildfire during the 42 month period. However, it will be clothed in sackcloth. Sackcloth means it will be shared in secret.

In Verse 4, the two olive trees equal both the Old and New Testaments. Once again, this is about the King James Bible ONLY! Eventually you will get to the King James Bible.

In Verse 5, if the wicked hurt the Bible or burn the Bible, fire will devour the wicked in Hell. If the wicked hurt the Bible or burn the Bible, the wicked will be killed by Hellfire.

In Verse 6, it explains that the King James Bible is powerful.

In Verse 7, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit is the Universal Church.

Of course, Universal means Catholic.

Notice how the Universal Church crawls out of the bottomless pit. This means that the Universal Church comes from Hell.

This means that the Universal Church is Satan's Church. In the future, the Universal Church will burn the King James Bible. Don't be surprised. They've already done it in the past.

Classy Clad, if you have any doubts about the Universal Church, take a look at what they did to true Christians during the Dark Ages.

History will sadly repeat itself.

What about Verses 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12?

Princess Nubiposh Continues

Hurry and conquer the Sardonyx Jewel! Hurry before TIME runs out!

Princess Nubiposh kills the correct Antimortal Robot.


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