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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 7

Updated on September 1, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of Lost Love
The Arrival of Lost Love

Amy looked at the photo and spoke controlling. Honey please, it is bigger than you.

Please Mama, I just like these kinds of people, Caring and Sober. He was so in love with his abnormal daughter

Is her daughter Abnormal? Amy asked in shock?

Yes, Mama still celebrated her birthday with such fanfare that all of us friends became jealous of her daughter.

Amy asked if they had any other children.

Not Mama. They are looking for a girl for them.

Amy changed the topic and asked what he found again.

Sarah answered Mama not yet, David's father to the extent of his grandson's obsession. He is looking for a young virgin girl who can fulfill his grandson's wish.

Amy asked with a cold come and what does his son want.

Sarah warmly hugged his mother and said, "Mama, if a man is getting young, virgin and beautifully educated, and then who the infidel is who will refuse your dear daughter?"

Amy asked sadly, "How?"

Sarah said triumphantly, "Half the work is done by your intelligent daughter. Half you have to do now."

When I liked David when my friend told me that her maternal Grand Father was looking for a young girl for uncles, why not let me do it for you.

When she said this, she began to look at me carefully in a testing manner, then a fight broke out in my heart. I said goodbye and ask my Mom.

She wondered if you were really serious or just kidding.

I hugged her and said, "No, we'll always be together. If we get married somewhere else, it won't be possible."

My friend gladly convincingly spoke to me. My uncle is not so old. He is so naughty that just for the sake of Grand Father's happiness, he continued to live with the illiterate fat tawny, low form girl, and never gave her a chance to complain. Grandpa said a lot to marry another but did not agree. Now it is difficult to believe and Grandpa wants to see his son by getting him married in his life. Truly you will rule with them. Never bother and never stop shopping. If you marry her, she will become an important part of our family because uncles are the only ones. You will also inherit their property. Please, I don't think there is any other girl better than you. If you agree and your uncle agrees, we will take you home soon. Will your uncle agree?

I reassured her and then she put her arms around Amy's neck and kissed her mother and said that I told her that my mama is the best m in the world, she will give priority to my happiness and will never refuse. Then Mama knows what happened. She spoke triumphantly, speaking enthusiastically. I said kindly to him and said that I am just happy for you to meet you. I have had a lot of fun coming to your house. It feels like I am sitting in my family. I like everyone. I like your grandfather too. They were giving me the most protocol. She hugged me happily and said lovingly. Now my mission will be to make you my Aunt as soon as possible. I will now be active in this work without wasting a single moment. There will be no obstacle to this relationship. If Grandpa agrees, then everyone will agree.

Sarah spoke with unbridled enthusiasm without knowing the state of her mother's heart and pushed her into the abyss of despair. She made a sad face and strengthened her heart. Everyone was listening. Her tears were falling on her heart.

Sarah: Mama When my quick friend went and told Grandpa about me. She was very close to Grandpa, I told Grandpa that I liked my friend Sarah Mama very much and I also celebrated it and he The uncles are also nice and she is also happy that she will come to our house so Grandpa was very happy and called me and started consoling herself whether what your friend is saying you agree to this relationship without any pressure If so, he knows how to speak up. Mama, I did a trick. I said Grandpa she was happy to say, Grandpa. I bowed my head in embarrassment and said that my friend had made me a fan of all of you by praising you, especially you. You are much better than what he praised. I'm just happy to think that my friend will be with me forever. And now you and Aunty Jessica are all very good. I felt like I was on my own.

Mama knows Sarah then spoke cheerfully. His grandfather got up, smiled happily, and put his hand on my head with compassion and said, "Stay alive, daughter."

Just then he closed his eyes and imagined and got lost in David's thoughts. My friend used to say that my grandfather runs this house, but if he agrees, then there is no problem. I've just convinced Grandpa that your daughter is amazing. Look, you didn't have to bother finding a relationship and I didn't have a hard time finding the one I liked.

Seeing Amy crying, Sarah became upset, so Amy excused himself saying that he had just thought of separation.

Sarah hugged her and said, "Mama, where can I live without you? Who is mine except you?" When the matter is settled, I will convince Grandpa that my mama will stay with me.

Not at all. Amy screamed.

Sarah said anxiously I know you are very selfish and will never believe but Mama you think for yourself how you will be alone I thought I would marry someone who is becoming a son-in-law at home or my uncle Even with what I can live happily without you.

Amy wiped away the tears and said that you will be happy with your instructions.

Sarah: Yes Mama He is a Great Person. Come on...

Amy said quietly, "Don't do this expression of love in front of him."

Wiping her tears, Sarah said, "Mama, please don't cry." I get depressed.

She spoke in an innocent, sad way.

Amy fell in love with her innocent pay and kissed her and wished her good luck.

Sarah put his arms around his neck and said, "Mama, I used to ask Mama from my God Almighty all the time. Then I thought that this prayer cannot be accepted. Mama cannot be found again, but God hears prayers and rewards the servant." He gave me an excellent mama in your case.

So much so that Sarah got a call from a friend that the good news is that Grandpa has announced this relationship.

Amy listened and remained silent. She was waiting for Jessica to bring a relationship for her. She called her a few times and clarified the fact that David has recognized her and he has not forgotten her yet and wants to marry her. And Amy had also agreed and he had promised that soon they would settle everything and come to his house to get his relationship with his aunt. He had not mentioned this to her aunt yet. Now she was shy and thankful that she did not tell her aunt. Now luck had brought her to the crossroads. She loved her daughter very much. Her happiness was also dear to her.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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