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3 Simple Ways Of Getting More Ideas To Write About

Updated on December 26, 2013

Writing Without experiencing a writers’ block really can make the writing process interesting. Below, I have discussed three simple ways that you can escape the writer’s block.

Capture ideas on the go before you forget them

You normally get to experience a writer’s block when you sit behind your computer or your notepad at the inappropriate time or when you do not have the words to express your thoughts. Sometimes the words you will need to express your ideas may come as you do something else. Daily experiences in life could bring you ideas as well as the words to express them. Sitting behind your notepad for long hours trying to come up with something to write could sometimes rather make you experience the writer’s block more and this can be stressful. Sometimes you will need to go out there in the real world to allow life’s experience reflect ideas back to you.

In order to escape the writer’s block and get more to write about on your topic, you can try and capture your ideas on the go first before typing them onto your computer.

You can therefore gather your ideas on the go on a small notepad. You could even make this method of capturing your ideas easier by using digital voice recorder to record your ideas as they occur to you. When you are a bit free from your daily routine or not having any work to do, you can type your ideas onto your computer and arrange them into articles for publishing. You will never be short of words. Moreover, when you use this method in writing, you even get to come up with more words and ideas when in the process of typing your captured ideas.

Your captured ideas will serve as a mirror or a blueprint guide in deriving more advance philosophical truths. You won’t have to sit for long hours behind your notepad or computer waiting for inspiration to bring you the ideas. There is always no risk of forgetting an idea as you have all noted or recorded down first. You also not distracted by other things that you would need to do. You can focus on your daily routine and still have time to write when you have a free leisure period.

Sometimes you also get to experience a writers’ block because you are being distracted by other schedules that have not yet been done. Subconsciously, things that you are supposed to do but have not done yet could be blocking your ideas from coming. Doing these things would then open the doors of your mind for the ideas and inspiration to flow. You won’t have to stress yourself up trying to remember interesting ideas that you have lost or forgotten. Just allow yourself the opportunity to do other things that may only be distracting you from coming up with ideas or that may be distracting your thoughts. And you would realize the ideas you had forgotten would reoccur to you later.

Work on the fresh content to begin your daily routine

When the writing process becomes boring, it brings about a writer's block. You can therefore prevent this by working on the fresh contents to begin your daily writing routine or try to find the topic or article that you feel interested in discussing at any particular moment.

Pick a fresh and favorite topic and read through to expand it. Read and work more on the fresh notes- your current favorite articles will do. They will help you to develop more as well as ideas that relates to old draft ideas. Work on the interesting new or your favorite ones and develop ideas rather that will fit into the old ones.

Work on closely related contents or themes

When you have your drafts numbered, try not to put yourself under the obligation of having to work strictly based on how you have numbered your drafts. That is to say, after developing the first article and published, do not distract yourself by going straight to work on the next in number. Simply scan your drafts to find the next article that closely relates to what you have just published or developed. Try to find that which contains familiar keywords as in the initial one. The more the next article contains keywords as in the initial content, the more familiar you would be with and the easier it becomes for to orient yourself with the idea in the content. Tis makes it easy for you to develop it for publishing.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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