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3 Violent Leaves Of Life

Updated on August 19, 2010

3 Leaves

 Song of Steel

War sworls all around

Loud cries censure the voices of the guns that cut them down

Young soldiers try to defend their country admirably

But at night let their timorous cries be heard

For the night cloaks their faces

Night brings the only rift in the abounding fire of the enemys steel

While the leader of their country drinks from an ornate goblet

They lay destitute in the trenches

Amongst the worst kind of bedlam

There are none exultant

But all wish to be emancipated from this seemingly monotonus madness.

  Vile Plesure

Two monsters move on noiseless paws

The ground pulsing silently benieth their weight

Two killers on the prowl

Their eyes like broken rubys gleem

Like the drops of blood they spill with seemingly great plesure

Two bringers of devistation and mournful cries

Hated with a passion

Believed to be spirits of the dead

The sound of their thunderous savage voices declareing the take down of yet one more innocent life

Taken at the plesure of one or both of the demons 

Whos eyes are a mirror of death and tourture.

  A Stolen Beginning (Literatly)

Fire swiftly burning through me

Screams sounding in my ears

Violence boldy present in me

Sadness numbing all my fears

Why do you stand aside

Coals smoldering deep inside

Eyes turning blind

Ravaged mind

My hands they bind

As my life is handed over to time

Hear me scream

Watch me wreathe

Blood will flow as the wretched breathe

Know this terror

Heed this creed

Traitors march on broken wings

Stand your ground

In the fire you are found

Cowards bow as the demon beast is crowned

So scream out

Bleed out

Free yourself from all oppression

Vindicate your soul

Let that ghost go

And pray the forever flames will continue to grow. 


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