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3 Words

Updated on February 26, 2012

3 words
Cut it down, split into thirds
Beautiful like a couple of dove birds
8 letters
This is for all the go getters
Forget the bitter, embrace the betters
3 syllables
Falling head over heels, makes us fools
But we're flying like wild seagulls
5 vowels
Looking up at the moon hearing all the howls
Staying up late at night with the owls
3 Consonants
She's teasing and laughing, giving me hints
But before I give a kiss I eat a few mints
2 nouns
It gets rid of any all the frowns
People enjoy the way it sounds
1 emotion
Drugged up fom that # 9 potion
Looking into her eyes, there is no commotion
Many meanings: a big lie, a rare truth.
Actions speak louder so I show proof
I show you something new
I show you something true
And I mean it when I say it, and every time I do
3 Words: I Love You


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