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30 Poems, 30 Days (Days 11-15)

Updated on December 19, 2012

Our journey continues, dear friends, as we reach the half way point of 30 poems in 30 days. If you've read any of my other hubs, you may notice that I have high praise for a certain song writer/singer who goes by the name of Noel Gallagher. One trick I have taught myself while writing these poems is to sort of re-write songs with completely different lyrics. Such is the case with many of the poems I write, as there are a good many of them that could be sung along to Noel Gallagher songs. That's okay, of course, but were I to convert them to actual songs, I would then have to come up with my own melody. Not that I couldn't, I've just never tried.

Enough with the ramblings for now, let's get on with the show, shall we?

Day Eleven: Falling Out

hurts to swallow
my soul is escaping
through these rooms
I follow
you who are forsaken
drain me of my health
the wings on my back
you’ve taken
the sky above waits
for me to fly high
but I must learn to first
too lazy to move
too hazy to think
the medicine works now
back to bed
my eyes are on the brink
of falling out

(Note: If you can't tell, this was written when I was quite ill.)

Day Twelve: Dreams in a Box

shut your eyes
and dream inside your mind
that the world will be just fine
and when the dream ends
we will begin
to understand how to make it reality
lay me down
and curl up right beside
let me hold you until the end of time
and when all time ceases to be
we will not remember
our reality

and with all of our dreams in a box
we lock it away buried deep in our thoughts
never to be made
by the end of the day

Day Thirteen: Fire

tell me
all the stories of your glories
of all the people that adore me
let me sleep next to the fire
love me
more than all the ones that came before
all the ones you left begging at your door
as I fall asleep next to your fire
write me
letters that express all your emotions
how nothing could ever break your devotion
or keep me from sleeping next to the fire

and as our fire burns
so our love grows
our souls into ashes
mixed together on the ground
and before the fire fades
let the last thing you know
the fire inside
never burned away

Day Fourteen: I Don't Talk

so many things to say
so many miles this way
I’ve got to talk to her
but I don’t know where to start
the words are inside of me
but who knows what they mean
the silence is killing us
some people talk too much

the break down is my fault
I don’t know why I don’t talk
the words they are near
the thoughts aren't too clear

today we took a walk outside
all my words found a place to hide
the barrier is right in front of me
don’t know what to say to break me free

the break down is my fault
I don’t know why I don’t talk
the words they are near
the thoughts aren't too clear

not sure what to say
to get you to stay
not sure what words will make
these sad feelings suffocate
not sure where to find the fault
of all the reasons I don’t talk

(Note: I'm a quiet guy, too quiet for some. I've had relationships end because I did not talk enough. My apologies if I prefer to communicate through my prose.)

Day Fifteen: Before I Sleep

so close to closing time
such a huge mess left behind
human beings out of their minds
checked their sanity at the doors
kept wanting more and more
and what was it for?
I don’t know

so much to clean before I sleep
so little dreams wait there for me

now the countdown begins
until we close my friend
a full night before another day begins
these creatures have no soul
throw other bodies around for who knows
so glad it’s finally time to go
I need sleep

so much to clean before I sleep
so little dreams wait there for me
and so little time
before the sun rise
let me go to sleep

15 Days Remain

Links to the other days will appear in this space shortly. Be seeing you.


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