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30 Poems, 30 Days (Days 6-10)

Updated on December 19, 2012

We continue on our journey, on which I complete a week of writing at the end of day 7. I was surprised I managed to make it that far, because I usually tend to not finish things that I start. But my goal was to prove otherwise and make this happen, whether that meant that a few days produced horrible poetry, or even if it meant 29 of 30 were horrible. Looking back on these now, long enough to where I'm not as biased because I don't necessarily remember writing them, I feel I was very successful.

Read, enjoy, comment if you like.

Day Six: You Only Live Once (And Again)

all the things you could live without
could fill a waste basket
leaving it all behind
will not be the end of you
a fear of death only comes
with a fear of life

life is not over when you think
begin again
before it's too late

all the tears you cry in your life
could fill a plastic pool
live in the moment
dream until forever

life is not over when you think
begin again before it's too late
before you can't breathe
before the end is nigh
before the rain
before the night sky

Day Seven: The God and The Devil (Are In My Room)

ran away from the devil too soon
and god said no when I knocked on his door
the shoulder on my left the shoulder on my right
the god and the devil are in my room

spoke up to sell my soul
and goddamn the devil said no
stay off the unpaved road
go back to where you were born
it's a quarter past noon
I've done broke all the rules
and the god and the devil are in my room

stay at home at night
don't go too far
so you won't go to heaven
right above the stars
steal all the lights
from your southern skies
stop opening your mouth
and telling lies
there are no brooks to help you son
the god and the devil are in my room

laying in my grave
waiting for judgment to come
but the left and right shoulders
say I'm far from done
get up and walk back to your home
the god and the devil are waiting in your room

they tell me one or the other
I gotta worship someone
but the only one I worship
is the woman I love
be it heaven or hell
it won't be anytime soon
so god,
get out of my room

(Note: You either love it or hate it, but it's one my personal favorites. They are definitely song lyrics, as a lot of my poems are, and I can clearly vision an elder Johnny Cash singing it.)

Day Eight: Breaking, not Broken

walk through your fire
it ain't no easy road there
everything you throw at me
I act as if I don't care

if you're trying to break me
just give it up now
because I'm trying to break free
lift myself off the ground

the wall in front of me is weak
the foundation is crumbling
I open my mouth to speak
all you hear is mumbling
say what you will about my fears
I only choose to ignore them
and as they pour out an ocean of tears
I choose not to drown but swim

if you're trying to break me
just give it up now
because I'm trying to break free
please help me off the ground

(Note: If I were recording several songs for an album, this one would probably end up as a b-side.)

Day Nine: Whenever You're Ready

hoarding your addiction
hiding my affliction
I got things to get rid of here
a matter of seconds
you don't have to fear
and new things won't kill you
try it, it may fulfill you
hitch a ride on the next comet
before the world blows up atomic

whenever you're read to go
I'll be ready to go
time to change direction
to a new frontier
pack your bags baby
let's get outta here

down the road and trying
calling the boss and lying
no more demons chasing
out of dreams I'm racing
the next exit takes us home
the king of misery has been dethroned

whenever you're ready to go
I'll be ready to go
time to change direction
to this final frontier
far beyond waiting
let's get out of here

Day Ten: Don't Be Down

show me
the light that blinds you
from the inside
the people who smother you
from the outside
take a walk with me
this time I'll focus on you
and not the sea
take a moment to breathe
see that life
is not as miserable as you think
and don't be down
it's not worth the cost
to let the world
see your feelings
strung out on a cross
a road with too many exits
not knowing where to get off
a light that shows the way
but is too bright to see
don't let them shake your soul
just let the world know
you are here
and will be heard

20 Days Remain

Links to the other days will appear in this space shortly. Be seeing you.


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