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30 Random Creative Writing Prompts

Updated on July 28, 2014

I came up with thirty writing prompts in all,enough for you to use one for every day to do your own 30 Hubs in Days Challenge if you want. Most of them are creative writing prompts, however, perfect for short stories and poems and anything else you'd like to write. Use as many of them as often as you'd like!

  1. How will the world end and why?
  2. What flavor of ice cream is the best? Get descriptive, use all five senses!
  3. Write an inventive story about how the best flavor of ice cream caused the world to end.
  4. What sort of thoughts go through a flower's mind?
  5. If you were any sort of dog breed, what dog breed would you be? What about this breed represents you?
  6. If you could teach your children one lesson and only one lesson, what would it be? What's so special about this lesson?
  7. What does religion mean to you?
  8. A wizard has just turned you into an animal. What animal did her turn you into and why did he do this? How are you going to get out of it?
  9. You are the ruler of a brand new government. What are its policies? Economy? Written set of laws? How do you run it?
  10. Write an article about how to overcome a fear that you've recently overcome or need to overcome, yourself.
  11. What do you do to occupy yourself indoors?
  12. Write a "Top Ten Best" list.
  13. Write a "Top Ten Worst" list
  14. Two very unlikely historical figures (like Adolph Hitler and Mark Twain) are stuck in a broken elevator together.
  15. What reason would a news reporter have for stealing some duct tape?
  16. There is a dark secret hidden inside a locked chest, and several people are all rushing to find the key to get to it first. Why?
  17. A love letter never gets to its recipient. What does it say? What happens when it gets lost in the mail (or never even sent in the first place)
  18. You're in your own paranormal romance story. What mythical being (vampire, merman/mermaid, fairy, werewolf, etc.) are you involved with? What if you were the mythical being?
  19. Write a parody/satirical detective noir story.
  20. The story must have a squid in it. A character applies for a job, and they are surprisingly overenthused about it.
  21. Write a story that takes place in the morning, involves a sudden drop in temperature, and has a magician in it.
  22. Write a story that starts during a party. The story takes place in the early evening and must have an elf at the beginning. During the story, a character drinks something that disagrees with them.
  23. A character is pregnant and is broken down on the side of the road near the end of her third trimester. A mysterious stranger stops by. The genre is horror/fantasy.
  24. What situation would a nurse be in where she/he would need to question authority?
  25. An old man on a park bench gives a ten year old a strange gift.
  26. A photographer traveling abroad in Tokyo comes upon a strange and unsettling surprise.
  27. A drunk man walking himself home in the city follows an odd glowing light through the park.
  28. A child is thrust inside his favorite television show.
  29. The T.S. Elliot/ John Gardener Exercise. Try this one---it's the mother of all writing exercises. You have to describe a middle aged man who has just found out his son has died and make it clear to the reader that his son has died, but never mention the death.


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    • profile image

      Chelsey 13 months ago

      Your ideas are GREAT I was bored and my phone was dead so i took my notebook and pencil and was stuck wondering

    • Isabella King profile image

      Isabella King 14 months ago from Cincinnati, Ohio

      I was in a rut! Thank you for these!

    • profile image

      ghxdhd 19 months ago

      Richard Bosompem



      The Stranger's Gift

      “Clop, Clop, Clop”, the sound of Dirk Calato’s new shoes made the park sound lively. “It’s a nice day for a walk,” thought Dirk “the sun is up and the birds are singing. What a beautiful day”. After walking for some time, Dirk sat down on a bench and look around him. Then something caught his eye. “What is that?” Dirk asked. It was obviously a present, but it had 16 stamps. “Maybe it’s a package,” he thought “but it’s strange for a package to have no address”. When he picked up the box, it had something unexpected. “For Dirk Calato, my son”. “My SON!? ” Dirk said “how… who… wha…!?” He was blown away from the fact that he had a father. He was angry that he had a father and his mom never told him. He had many questions forming in his head but the question he wanted to know, was where his father now?

      “Hi, Dirk

    • profile image

      Beaver_Girl456 5 years ago

      I chose..... number 29!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      kelsmcdaniel 5 years ago

      Thanks for the ideas! It can be difficult at times to come up with something new/fresh...and it always helps to have someone else's prompts to revive one's imagination! Thanks!

    • san13dee2003 profile image

      san13dee2003 5 years ago from Sciotoville, Ohio

      What a challege. I have just finished my last semester of college and think I will try my hand at writing. What better way to start.

    • toomuchmint profile image

      toomuchmint 5 years ago

      These are great writing prompts and very useful for getting around writers block. I never had writers block before, but I'm on Day 4 of the 30Day Hubchallenge and it's hitting me hard.

      The best part is these ideas are great for fiction writing AND non-fiction writing. Great hub. Voted up and useful.