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30 secs after

Updated on December 6, 2013

30 seconds after he left this planet, he ascended into Heaven where Angel Micheal was waiting right at the front gate. He shook his hand and tapped his shoulder then told him that he has been standing there for the past six months waiting for his arrival, something he don't usually do. Well Madiba looked down from Heaven and saw the entire world, men and women, young and old, white and black all wearing sad look then he quietly whispered to Angel Micheal.

-What is that all about?

Angel Micheal smiled and pointed at the left corner beneath the platform they were both standing, right there Madiba connected the dots. Heaven got an Angel from Earth which last happened something at Calvary. With a big smile on his face, he walked inside the mighty golden auditorium where a seat was reserved for him and numbered 4664.

He never bothered to ask why that number because he connected the entire dot outside.

"Welcome my Son". said a sweet voice. You perfectly did everything and the prints you left will be there from generation to generation that is why the entire manhood mourn because no one can fit into your shoes but i will not leave them just like that, i will send them a comforter.Especially Nigeria

So many well known faces were walking all over the place singing and praising the only name which looketh down on his garden and plugeth the best flower. Madiba wondered why Jesus was black but on planet Earth, his pictures was that of a white man.

They knew what was going on inside him so before he asked, he figured it out as well

It doesn't matter what color he is down there, over here, he is who he is.

So what happens from here?

The entire rainbow country will once again be united in mourning the passing of one man whose life united them and as usual the entire world will do that with them. Nigeria as well.

May the souls of those who fought to free us from mental slavery, captivity, those who walked miles to freedom always and forever rest in the bosom of the Almighty God.



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