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"300 - The Musical" - Starring Miley Cyrus

Updated on October 10, 2014
coutesy of CFin and his skills with MS Paint over his lunch break
coutesy of CFin and his skills with MS Paint over his lunch break

The Most Anticipated Musical Event of the century!!!

Today the most anticipated musical event of the century has been confirmed. 300 - The Musical will tour the United States early in 2015, followed by tours of Europe later that same year. The ever popular storyline of the Hollywood blockbuster, 300, will be altered only slightly, to suit the lead role of King Leonidas, now played by Miley Cyrus. Executive producer of the project, Jon Bon Jovi front man John Francis Bongiovi, fresh from his success on the Ally McBeal show of the late 90's was eager to get moving on the production.

"This is a great opportunity for Miley to Twerk her way forward, on to bigger and better things," he was stated as saying as our reporter caught afew words from him at the exit of Senior Dreams old folks home, Hartford, Connecticut.

Is Miley suitable for the Role?

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"I cant wait to start production. I think I will fit the part of Queen Gorgo perfectly", stated Tom

Also Starring

Also eager to get going was Tom Cruise, who wanted in on this cash cow. "I cant wait to start production. I think I will fit the part of Queen Gorgo perfectly", stated Tom. His agent was not available for comment.

In other news, the parts of Xerxes will be played by Ben Affleck, Dilios, by Ben Affleck, Stelios by Michael Fassbender and Leonidas at 7 / 8 yrs old by Elijah Wood. There are no remaining places available for extras within the show, as Ben Affleck will be filling those roles also.

Ben Affleck should only be cast as Ben Affleck?

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Tickets for Kids: $60

Parents enter free

Location by Date:

Disneyland, Anaheim, Calafornia 02/14/2013

Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL 03/14/2013

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohia 04/14/2013

Dells Water Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 05/14/2013

MS PAINT | Source

Critics are applauding the move as yet another great Hollywood original, brought to broadway. I for one, am in agreement, that this show will be a resounding success, and yet another step forward in the career of the budding Miley Cyrus.


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