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5 Comics That Should Be Made Into Films

Updated on April 27, 2017

Over the past 15 years, comic book movies have become more and more mainstream in Hollywood. Of course, you have always had the popular characters like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man getting their own movies. Now, you have Marvel Studios taking chances on relatively lesser-known properties like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange. DC has also adapted the all villains team Suicide Squad onto the big screen and other much lesser known comics that are currently in development. With the growing popularity, there are more Comics that aren't as widely known that I think can be adapted into a film.

1. Zero (Image Comics)


Zero is an Image comic written by Ales Kot about a spy named Edward Zero chronicling his time with The Agency. The book is set in a science fiction-tinged, not-so-distant future, where Israel and Palestine fight with super-soldiers focusing on Edward Zero, a professional who was killer trained from birth to be so. While telling the story of Zero the comic also flashes back to tell the story of a younger assassin sent to kill him.

With spy movies like Man From U.N.C.L.E. and the comic adapted Kingsman: The Secret Service there is room for spy movies other than James Bond. Zero would delve deeper into the psyche of a spy/assassin and the series would work as a movie because the issues are contained. It is a breakdown of what it means to be a spy and the emotional impact it can have on someone in that position. It could serve as a deeper, grittier 007. Darren Aronofsky would be a great choice to direct the movie

Darren Aronofsky would be a great choice to direct the movie because he would be able to expand on the psychological aspect of Zero and give it a compelling yet uneasy feeling. David Lynch would also be an interesting choice to helm this property.

2. Starman (DC Comics


Wielding the Cosmic Staff that gives him the powers of energy blasts and constructs similar to that of the Green Lantern as well as flight, forces fields energy, absorption, etc. Ted possesses a brilliant intellect, mastery of several sciences, and a gift for invention with he being the one who invented the Cosmic Staff.

Dating back to an April 1941 issue of DC's Adventure Comics, Starman is one of the oldest comic characters. It has the some of the typical comic book tropes like being a costumed hero who dresses up to fight crime but it is more than the gain powers save the world storylines. It deals with how his action affects his family and throughout the series, Starman has had to overcome losses and how some of the things he's been responsible for have led him to a nervous breakdown forcing a stint in a mental institution.

Starman is part of the DC Universe but it can function without being part of the DCEU with him being a part of the Justice Society of America and having limited interaction with some of the major characters in the DC Universe. Joe Johnston would be my choice of director for this film he has tackled other golden-era comics like Captain America and The Rocketeer.

3. Rocket Girl (Image Comics)

Far from dark and brooding Rocket Girl created by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder for Image Comics tells the story of DaYoung Johansson a teenage policewoman with a jetpack who travels back to 1986 New York. While there she is investigating Quintum Mechanics and trying to stop them from committing crimes against time and in the process she finds the future in which she comes from shouldn't exist.

A Rocket Girl film could potentially blend sci-fi and futuristic tech with a retro 80's vibe. It would be a coming of age film. Though it wouldn't take itself too seriously like other comic films, there are ways a movie could be adapted to give it stakes but still remain family friendly like the comics. Rocket Girl would be visually stunning and also add to diversity in comic films by telling a story with a female lead.Johansson would also give cosplayers another cool character to dress up as.

Adapting this story as an animated feature would be ideal to me. If Don Hall and Chris Williams directors of Big Hero 6 and Moana, weren't under contract with Walt Disney Animation Studios they or someone like them would be perfect because I could see their sensibilities fitting in line with that of Rocket Girl. Travis Knight director of Kubo and the Two Strings would also be a great choice.

4. The Nightly News (Image Comics)


The Nightly News is a 2008 limit run image comics series written and drawn by Jonathan Hickman. First Church of the Brotherhood of the Voice, starts killing journalists because they believe the government and the media are controlled by the wealthy and they use this control to keep the people in line. The only rule the Voice has is no children every else is fair game In the beginning of the comic John Guyton a former financial manager who's life was destroyed by the media and was recruited by The Voice, shoots protestors outside of a meeting of the World Bank/IMF/WTO leaders to gain the attention of the media.

The concept of propaganda and the activist against it is not a new idea but Hickman with this title keeps it fresh. There is a social commentary on how terrorist organization using media as ways to control people and make them "sheeple". It tackles the issue of "Fake News" before it became a thing in pop culture while also questioning who are the good guys. Are the results worth it if the means by which you get them are immoral?

The book is like The Network meets The Killing and since neither Stanley Kubrick nor Sydney Lumet is no longer with us a director like David Fincher would give this comic film a thrilling psychological edge. Matthew Vaughn would be an interesting choice to direct as well because of the way he shoots action.

5. Spawn (Image Comics)

Having had a feature film 20 years ago Spawn is by far the most known property on this list. Created by writer-artist Todd MacFarlane in 1992 the same year he started Image Comics as one of its founders. Spawn is a murdered former assassin Al Simmons, who after time in hell was resurrected by Malebolgia the ruler of the eighth circle of hell after selling his Soul and granted a multitude of powers to do his bidding.

In Spawn Al Simmons is a demon dealing with his demons. He has to come to grips with how his actions and choices led to his situation and how he is trying to redeem himself while also trying to see his loved ones once again. The character doesn't have the typical hero's journey. Spawn is the definition of an anti-hero.

With today's visual effects the different landscapes and different planes that the story dives into would be able to be better translated to the big screen. Add to that the critical and financial success of rated-R comics properties like Deadpool and Logan it may be time for a new spawn film. Spawn's creator Todd MacFarlane has stated his interest in a Spawn movie even going as far as to say he has the script finished. He has also stated that he want to direct it. Other directors, I wouldn't mind seeing are either Guillermo Del Toro or James Wan.


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