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Harry Potter spells you wish you could use in real life too

Updated on April 22, 2017
Kritee Mahanti profile image

Born in the Harry Potter era, Kritee is an ardent fan and devoted follower of Harry Potter.




Accio or the Summoning charm is what the procrastinators would love. This charm helps in summoning an object to the caster. So don't you wish you could just sit back and get all your things at your fingertip with just a flick of the wand. Without having to get up, Accio would have helped to summon objects which are far away, like Harry, summoning the broom to complete his first task in the Triwizard tournament.

It would just be awesome if we could simply get to know what tomorrow holds for us, Accio FUTURE!
What say?


Perhaps the most used spell throughout the series, this one is the most useful too. Lumos is used to create a narrow beam of light. Remember on how many occasions you reached out to your torch or your camera flash light only to realize that their batteries have died down. Now, in these times, wish Lumos would be there, to come to our rescue as we would not have to worry about batteries and electricity then.

Also what about just some light to fill up your dark surroundings. LUMOS to LIFE !!!


Hermione uses the Reparo spell on Harry to repair his glasses
Hermione uses the Reparo spell on Harry to repair his glasses


Reparo or the mending charm would certainly be of great use for all those, careless. This charm is used to repair objects which means if you have accidentally dropped something, and it is broken, you do not have to bear with the scoldings. Just REPARO it! The mending of your glass pane or the glass shelf of your cupboard can be done free of cost. Kids and parents, both will be at peace, because they will no longer need to worry about the antique showpiece getting broken when the kids are playing indoors. However, this also means, the adhesive and the glue sales suffering a setback.

Wish this charm was capable of mending the past mistakes as well.

Wingardium Leviosa

Swish and a Flick
Swish and a Flick

Which charm would be of most use to you?

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Wingardium Leviosa

A swish and a flick. It is that easy to move objects using this levitation charm. Wingardium Leviosa, the first spell which was taught to Harry and his friends would definitely be of use in real life. Imagine moving heavy objects by just raising them and carrying them with the help of your wand instead of doing it manually. No need to pay extra bucks to the porter for carrying your luggage. If your are moving out of your home, you do not require anybody's help. A wand and the incantation is just enough to lift your heavy trunks and suitcases.

Magical world is too easy, isn't?


Use to hide a memory of a particular event, this charm is mostly used on the muggles when they accidentally see something of the magical world. Now, if we use this in our real life, it would definitely save us from many of our mischief. Regret doing anything, just Obliviate it. However, this could become dangerous if criminals started to use it hide their crime.

Nonetheless, we wish we had this power in real life to Obliviate all those memories which gives us pain. OBLIVIATE PAINFUL PAST !!!


This one is a special of Hermione as its is she who brought this spell to our notice. Used to open and unlock doors, it can be a savior if you are trapped somewhere. But again, be careful, because unlocking doors means your house is no longer safe from the thieves. So be sure to bewitch the doors as then this spell can be resisted. Again if you are in the correct side of the law, that is into the police force or something, this is just the spell you need to earn you your next promotion.

Let's see, other than doors, what else needs unlocking? Perhaps one's fate, or may be one's fortune. Wish Alohomora could un-cage us from the world's sufferings.


This is just the power we need right now, given to our current environmental conditions. With water crisis looming all around, we wish we could use Aguamenti in our real life to produce a fountain or jet of water. All water shortage problems would be solved. From extinguishing fire to quenching the thirst of an old man, Aguamenti would be a real savior.



Yes, this is a spell everyone would love to use in their real life. How many times have you wondered what is going on in the mind of the person in front of you? How many times have you wished that you could read someone else's mind. This is what the leglimens spell is all about. It allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim and get to know all his thoughts, memories and emotions. The best thing is that the victim will not know that you are actually able to see his mind.

Snape's classes to Harry



Now, do you mind getting a little wicked? What if, we could use the Imperius curse in our real life? Imperio is one of the three Unforgivable curses used to control and make the subject work according to the will of the caster. At times you really wish you could make someone work at your will, Imperio would be helpful then.

Harry has only used this one Unforgivable curse ever, on a goblin while breaking into Gringotts. He used this for a good cause. So taking cue from our hero we promise that if this curse could be used in real life, we would always use it for a good cause.

Harry Potter using the Imperio curse

© 2015 Kritee Mahanti


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