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5 Star Cuisine & Fatigue & Extras on asking.

Updated on February 24, 2013
skgrao profile image

I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Why they Don't Show Bath Room.?

This is Bed Room.?You demand anything you get it for a price not market stuff but special family stuff wanting to make money.You have a wide choice.
This is Bed Room.?You demand anything you get it for a price not market stuff but special family stuff wanting to make money.You have a wide choice.

Does this makes you travel.

You see in 5 star govt hotel.

They didn't show here also,What.?

The Luxury.? & The *******.

Question:- Have you made my Hotel Reservation please,this is my first visit to your Country.

Answer:- Yes Sir,it is 'Hotel Qvista' all Cab drivers know this is the best 5 Star Hotel,I will be in Hotel Lobby waiting for you.

For those who travel to UK or USA staying in a 5 Star Hotel is a dream,that too when you are alone and your family at your most loved country with neighboring country's all sending men who visited the best place and did such havoc that it was labeled as war and soon forgotten except mentioning it on TV by some stupid politician in power.

Yes,you arrive at the 5 Star Hotel.The very Ambiance and Staff of the Hotel makes you walk on air.You see the Hotel Guests all in their dress that you hardly see in your country which makes you wonder why people at home wear such yards of un stitched fabrics,or wear no dress above their navel.

You are soon shown to your room and you see a Computer too along with many things you never saw in any Hotel Room that was Booked by your Office as per orders of your Boss.You soon send a e-mail that to your wife saying you have arrived safe at your place and every thing is just fine and un imaginably beautiful.In your elated mood the e-mail ID is wrong and it reaches a widow who has just returned from her husband's funeral.You do not know it but you get a big fat jet slap over the phone as to why you have not sent the e-mail and what on earth you are doing and who is that lady by your side talking.You explain things sweetly but just you wait till dark you are saying to yourself.

The night was fantastic with your Agent and the Lady that was with her.You were wondering how such beauty is not seen in your place.The Drinks that made you drink was just great.As you were a drinking your home made liquor you were used to take not more than 2 pegs as any more would make you feel wobble and you would not be able to walk at home with your children and wife looking at you.Here you took more than 4 pegs but found you were able to walk to toilet to pee with no problem.

It was only when you woke up in the morning that you found your self naked and the Lady who was with you at Dinner previous night popes up on her pillow starring at you.The smile she gave was a sign that she was also naked and was ready for another round.In shock and with voice that was rather like a waver y graph like Radio equalizer,you asked her what the hell happened.She in her sweet voice told you that you were drunk and wanted to be escorted to your room and wanted to make love which you did.You told her to just dress up and get out of your room fast.

Disbelieving what she said you got up to dress and sure you had the signs in the right place to know that she was telling the truth.You thought you could take care of things and went to the bath room to see that it was more aseptic than a operation theater of any of the best hospitals in your country.This was indeed perfect for your truant bowels to move.Once the bowels moved to your horror you found no place to wash.The roll of toilet tissue scared you like shit and a dry wash was inevitable.The Cuisine was no comparison for the Home wash just for this unavoidable Dry Wash.The toilet culture of 5 star was just unacceptable to you.

Once your work was over it was good bye to 5 Star Cuisine and Fatigue


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