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5 Things to know about professional writers .

Updated on December 26, 2013

5 Things to know about professional writers

Understanding more about the work of a professional writer is necessary to helping anyone who dreams of becoming a professional writer himself . In this article , you will will learn some basic things about the work of a professional writer . The article will also provide you with some basic professional writing skills .

Many writers are passionate about writing . Many professional writers love their job not because of the money they make from publishing their works . Many write because they love what they do . In fact many of them learn to put their thoughts into readable format long before they eventually discover profit making opportunities in writing . To them writing is a hobby which allows them to connect , communicate and inspire others with words .

Professional Writers are very good readers. Professional writers are mostly very good readers as well . They read a lot of different materials. This is how they are able to know the kind of materials and examples that their readers would enjoy reading . Through reading , professional writers also get to increase their passion to write and also learn more about writing . They also continue to improve their writing skills by reading the works of other professional writers . They gain more ideas , learn different patterns and methods of writing which they apply to their works .

Writers continue to learn as they write. One myth surrounding professional writers is that , they know everything about the topics that they write about . The truth is most writers choose to write about the topics that they actually want to know more about or which they wish to become more experienced in . Writing allows them to work with and read on materials of their interest .The more they get to research on their topics and read more on it , the more they get to broaden their experience on the particular topic and understand it more than they already did .

How They Discover Ideas to Write about . Most of the ideas that professional writers use in their writings to support their claims are discovered in their environment . They also make use of personal experiences as examples in their writing . Some of the ideas or examples used in their contents are also got from other people through interviews and discussions . They compile notes of ideas and examples from conversations with acquaintances and other people who may know more about the topic than themselves . The also gather notes from listening to announcements , talk shows as well as newspapers and magazines .

Writers love their Readers . As mentioned previously , most writers are passionate about writing and enjoy their work . They mostly write on topics that they find interesting . And they respect their readers as much as they value the topics that they write about ( that's why they share it with others by publishing) . And because of the love and respect they have for their readers , the great works from these professional writers mostly are not finished in a day . Especially when it comes to topics or article that the writer really finds interesting . Most of their great works goes through a cycles of drafting and redrafting till they are able to come up with the final perfect work for their readers .

These are basic professional writing skills you can also practice to improve your writing skills .

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    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 5 years ago

      Very good! One of the things a degree in literature teaches you is how to research and how to connect the dots. Sometimes I write about a subject I, personally, want to know more about.

      Accolades and a vote up!

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 5 years ago from Close to Heaven

      Great hub!

    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 5 years ago

      You are so right about writers appreciating their readers. Having someone read you work and comment on it is what gives writers the encouragement to continue writing here on hubpages anyway. Newspapers and magazines depend on sales to evaluate reader interest.

    • profile image

      Nelson 5 years ago

      Nice write-up.