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Looking For A Good Read?

Updated on April 9, 2018
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Kayla is a mom of three, taking life one adventure at a time. Kayla has her BA in Psychology. She enjoys reading and traveling.

Getting into a Good Book

Reading is such a fundamental activity, but do many of us par take in it anymore? I love reading. In fact, Why don't we try to challenge ourselves to read more often, to escape to another reality. There are many series or trilogies that offer great options to us. Here are 4 of my top favorites, hope you enjoy!

1). The Reckoning Trilogy

I first found 'The Reckoning' and decided to pick it up because I liked the cover. (Yes, I know never judge a book by its cover, but I did, and I liked it!). Once I started reading The Reckoning I was hooked. The Reckoning takes place in the United Kingdom after the war has been over. Their King is said to make the country better, but is it? They are still limited on their rations and things haven't seemed to changed. Children are are considered "offerings" to the King at age 16-- which is a HUGE honor. Silver Blackthorn is among those offerings. Only Silver quickly realizes being an offering is not what everyone thinks it is. The King is a greedy drunk man, who kills when he pleases. It is up to Silver and her friends to defeat him and get out alive, will they succeed?


2). Kate O'Hare & Fox Series

Kate is an FBI agent who has spent years trying to chase down Fox. He has caused her mass destruction in her life, but she finally has her moment and bring him down. Only to find out the FBI loses him and shes been pushed off the case of finding him again, to be surprised with the fact that her boss wants her to start working with Fox! Kate and Fox are to become a team, but what happens if they get caught? Even Kate can go to prison, will she, or can they pill this off?

3). Stephanie Plus Series

My first series I got hooked on, Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich. Stephanie is a quirky girl who attempts her fate at being a bails bond agent- she is extremely horrible at it. She is torn between falling in love with her cop boyfriend Joe or having continuous flings with her sexy co worker Ranger. She and Lula are always finding themselves in way over their heads, while running for their lives. In the end they always catch their guy while destroying things in the process!

4). Eve Duncan Series

Eve Duncan Series- Murder mystery series. A woman has experience such a tragedy, but has turned it into something great for us. Eve's daughter Bonnie was kidnapped at 7 years old, she body was never found. Eve reconstructs facial skulls for nameless victims found years after their deaths have taken place. She hopes one day she will find her little girl, but she also takes pleasure in the fact that she is able to bring closure to the families who have also lost someone and now are able to bring them home. Eve faces many challenges and struggles during her cases including being chases by serial killers. Does she ever find her daughter?


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