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5 Ways to Be a Successful Medium Writer

Updated on February 16, 2020
Casimiro Designer profile image

Want to be successful as a Freelancer writer? So here's a guide with five tips for growing as a writer.

5 Ways to Be a Successful Medium Writer

When I met Medium, I was desperate looking for platforms that paid content writers, and when I learned that medium paid to write, I wondered why I didn't know about Medium, and how I was going to become a writer. success on the platform, knowing that I’m just getting to know her?

I believe that when you first met Medium, as soon as you heard that the platform paid to write, you were concerned with achieving success, such as: reading posts, followers and, above all, how to maintain a loyal audience.

Today I bring to you who are looking for success as a writer, five ways to be a successful writer on Medium.

At the time of writing this story, I have 27 followers on my Medium account; maybe you say, just 27 people? My answer is yes, only 27 followers, but you need to pay attention to the images below.

As you saw in the images above, the strays speak for themselves, I confess that they were not edited, they are really commitments that I had on Medium, with readers who like to read the content I write. For you to understand, let's see the 5 ways detailed below.

1- Have many followers who love your content.

Creating content is one of the easiest things in the world today, but creating compelling content that attracts viewers, readers or consumers and places you on a couch, paying attention to what you are presenting to them; yes, it is very, very difficult to find and reach.

You're probably thinking that this bunch of followers I mean is a certain number of followers subscribed to your page, right? My answer is no. Let you understand; As you can see, I only have 27 followers and I publish three stories a week; in this case, 27 followers times three times, it would equal 81 views per week, but how do I get more than that?

Anonymous followers

I am completing 6 months as a writer on Medium, and one of the things I realized is that, the readings I had, do not always come only from followers, but from external readers who search on Google.

So, here's the question, when you write, if readers interact well with your content, even if they don't follow it, they will be loyal readers for the incredible content you create for them.

2 - Associate with publications

There is no doubt that the pages of the publications spread by Medium were the main cause of the resounding successes and gains that you see every month, presented by the Medium team.

If you don't know what a publication is, I recommend that you research it immediately, as the publications are like pages from companies like Facebook, where people who write on Medium can be inserted as writers and we will share drafts of their stories before to publish them on Medium, and after a review by the teams of these pages, the stories will be posted and normally those pages have thousands of followers. When they post a story on the page, these thousands of followers on that page, they get access to the material and boom, you explode with your story, achieve success and can earn a lot of money, that's what makes Medium successful.

So, if you are just starting out or are already a writer on Medium, try to join at least one publication, share your content and be successful.

3 - Create powerful content

A good writer must know how to write a good topic, preferably motivating, innovative and educational, so that the reader is not lazy and regrets having found his stories.

bad stories, unsuccessful writers make, because to please an audience is not as simple as drinking water; it takes effort, studying what you intend to do, to do something powerful, that will make the audience go crazy and make them come back again when they see the next notification stating that you just published a new story.

4 - Be short and objective

One of the things I learned as a content creator is that people don’t like content that the creator rolls up, it takes so long to get to the end of the subject. talking about the subject is mandatory, answering questions in the middle of the subject is also mandatory; be someone who clearly explains the situation and makes the reader come back again, make your mouth water and take you as inspiration, and that will lead to success.

5 - Influencer

At Medium, people write different themes, and I believe that, like themes, there are different types of audiences; that's why, just as you decided to write talking about a topic, be suggestive and influential.

That's why on Medium there are two groups, the amateur and professional writers, that is, those who write to write and the main writers, who don't even need to write so much, with just one post per week, they take thousands of followers to read their content, all because they are strategic writers, people who know what to write, what to deal with, how to attract an audience and succeed without trying too hard, just being an influencer.

Secret of the medium

There is a big secret inside Medium, and it is simply writing something that people are looking for, something that has to do with SEO, things that the public is looking for, which, if well explained, even if the person hates to read, will be a great fan of books.

I wish you a great career as a writer on Medium, any questions leave your comment and I will help you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Casimiro Designer


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