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5 humorous and funny things to do while you are stuck in traffic jam

Updated on August 8, 2011

Being stuck in a traffic jam is not everybody’s cup of tea. It becomes a nightmare and unbearable for people who are on a tight schedule and intending to beat deadlines. It may force you to be late for work where your unforgiving boss will bark at you like a mad dog, you may be forced to be late for studies or more importantly an exam. Your patience runs out and your imagination sometimes makes the impossible to be possible like “what if cars could fly like airplanes”.

So you are in a public service vehicle with other passengers who may be as impatient as you are and all of you looking gloomy as though you are in a funeral. To cheer up your fellow passengers here are some quite unusual things you can do.

1. Relax, stretch yourself backwards on your seat and close your eyes to fake a sleep. Then lean your head towards the person sitting next to you and try to support your head on his/her chest. At this point you may try to snore as loud as possible. Say sorry to the person and this time you would have attracted the attention of the other passengers.

2. Preach until the other passengers say it’s enough. You might then try to sing at the top of your voice your favorite reggae music songs. Don’t be surprised if you are told a mad man by your fellow passengers.

3. Talk about politics condemning and criticizing the behaviors and actions of your politicians, including your local member of parliament. It’s no longer secret that they engage in corruption and loot public funds while the state of the roads are grave. At this time the other passengers will have joined your debate.

4. Encourage the driver to break the traffic rules by overtaking the vehicles in front of him. This can be done by going out of the main road and sharing dusty paths with the pedestrians. A traffic police officer may most likely wave to stop you but give him his/her due (some dollars) and he/she will take the earliest opportunity to smile and encourage you to keep on going.

5. Take out your cell phone and try to communicate with an imaginary person. Make your voice as loud as you can. Talk, talk and talk while crying and attempt to disconnect the call. If your passengers ask you what is wrong with you tell them that you received a call from an angel and that you were informed that the vehicle you are travelling with will be involved in an accident and all people on board will die. Align from the vehicle as a precaution and see whether others will follow you.

This was just for the purpose of humor but in the real sense I dare you not to do it.


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    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 

      7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      This sounds like fun. I will keep all of this in mind the next time I am on a road trip and get stuck in traffic.


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