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50 New Creative Writing Prompts For 2018!

Updated on December 24, 2018
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A.P. Petty is mixed with poetry, blues music, and rooibos tea.

Word Prompts

1. Rusty, sip, weight, lover, and super.

2. Whiff, bridge, pilgrimage, murals, and saucy.

3. Cave, unmuted, allure, staffed, and applesauce.

4. Engine, greed, owl, paperback, and obscure.

5. Conversion, border, staple, drill, and label.

6. Waive, evidence, talent, suck, and stole.

7. Blessing, warrior, pizzazz, tropical, and garden.

8. Mystery, clip, pathway, horizon, and reborn.

9. Influence, affluent, droopy, heartwarming, and basement.

10. Milieu, treasure, tights, bow-tie, and sliver.

11. Closure, insincere, piccolo, author, and adrift.

12. Becoming, epilogue, untitled, abject, and outgrown.

13. Session, apprentice, rejoice, oral, and thesaurus.

14. Terror, download, description, trigger, and pantry.

15. Within, flunk, ammonia, tasteless, and qualm.

16. Chipping, jovial, extensive, gauche, and unicorn.

17. Website, disembowel, erasure, equipped, and succinct.

18. Playground, blubbering, jolt, titter, and tallies.

19. Dispatched, minority, streaming, midsummer, and windowless.

20. Impassioned, teleprompter, pediatrician, emblazoned, and pumpkin.


Object Prompts

1. A gavel, a lost plane ticket, and a drawing pad.

2. A sewing kit, a vintage album, and a headstone.

3. A calculus book, a deflated football, and rubber gloves.

4. A blender, Christmas lights, and an important folder.

5. A jar of olives, a gift receipt, and a bottle of almond oil.

6. A plow, an Xbox 360, and a Donny Osmond poster.

7. A blue diamond, a cooler of drinks, and a cracked picture frame.

8. A set of bowling pins, milk jugs, and building blocks.

9. A mood ring, a lanyard, and a dog collar.

10. A computer with a virus, coffee cans, and water balloons.


Mix and Match Prompts

1. New York City, the year 1939, and a science lab.

2. A child born without a name, a grocery list, and a pothole.

3. The smell of cookies, boxing gloves, and a red Cadillac.

4. An x-ray, a past due bill, and Durham, North Carolina.

5. A low gashand, a strange dream, and a smelly sponge.

6. The third picture in your phone is the starting point in your story.

7. Your mother’s maiden name, a rotten apple, and dilapidated building.

8. The year 1876, a broken pen, and the phrase “Charlie ain’t home.”

9. The last text you sent is the plot or theme in your story.

10. A dirty clothes hamper, a terrible play, and a UTI.

11. Muhammad Ali, a failed exam, and a bullet hole.

12. A fake police badge, the number 17, and a museum heist.

13. A fashion blogger, a marble collection, and a house fire.

14. A spontaneous move, a hasty divorce, and a hair product junkie.

15. A trespasser, melted ice cream sandwiches, and Corpus Christi, Texas.


Miscellaneous Prompts

1. Your character doesn’t enjoy the holidays until they receive a card from someone they hadn’t spoken to in 30 years. How does this change their perception?

2. Your character finds a torn picture on the sidewalk. Thinking it’s insignificant, they pay it no mind until the picture re-appears everywhere they go. Why?

3.Your characters are expecting a child, but they find out the child will have a severe disability or handicap.The parents have conflicting opinions on what to do. How does this get resolved?

4. Your character travels to another country and goes missing. Friends and family have no way of getting in contact with them. Your character comes back years later under a new name with a different appearance and demeanor. What happened?

5. Your character is in bad physical shape. They start exercising and eating better to only have it become an obsession.

© 2018 AP Petty


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