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Fifty Shades Of Grey...???

Updated on July 26, 2012

Fifty Shades The Trilogy

Well... recently i read the Fifty Shades Trilogy, although i enjoy a good book i seriously think the author should of found a bit of inspiration when writting up those sex scenes!! My god, i must have skipped at least a good third of the book and i lost count of how many times i read " bite my lip" It really put me off the book. Apart from the sex the overall story was as boring as watching paint dry!

Dont get me wrong, i dont criticise everything about the book. The author has a great writting style which makes you really want to read through the next chapter and so on... but i think the book lacks a bit of excitement, the only part i found exciting was in the 3rd book with the car chase and the 'boss with murdurous intentions'

Im no writter my self but theres nothing wrong with a bit of oppinion, so please tell me what you guys think to the book!

Fifty Shades of Sex lol

Would you say that the sex scenes in this book are ....?

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