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The things they say

Updated on November 5, 2012

Mummy Am I three or am I four?

Memories of when our children were small are often comforting, often amusing.

I recently cast my mind back to the early morning of my sons' fourth birthday. I can still see him now in my m

He'd called me loudly from the kitchen with the words, "mum you lied to me."

I ran to the bottom of the stairs wondering what on earth he could mean. "you lied to me"?

There he stood as looked up to him, his little arms outstretched looking down to his feet, then looking from side to side at the width of his arms.

"Look" he cried. "I'm the same". You told me a lie! . Yesterday you said when I wake up today I will be 4 years old, but look I'm the same. I'm still 3 ..."

I don't know which was more difficult for me, trying not to laugh thereby making him feel worse or trying to explain to a tiny , beautiful child, the difference between growing older and growing bigger.

Yesterday, 24 years later, I couldn't help but smile when I saw my son now grown up, intelligent and a respectable 5ft 11 ins. !!!!

What was going through that litle mind of a 4 year old? How can we look into a childs' mind.

I cast my mind back to when he was only 3..... .................Only one week before his birthd ay my 3yrd old and I were planting seeds in the garden. In fact we were giving the large part of the garden a complete overhaul. We'd not long moved into this house and the garden was a bit of a jungle to look at except for one huge Rhubarb plant at the far end. Well if rhubarb can survive all the weeds and tall grass around it , I thought we must be able to grow more vegetables.

After all the hard work of getting the ground ready for planting, here came 'the big day' for my toddler and me. Dad was at work and we were excited to be opening packets of seeds. 1st lettuce, then a row of radish, then potatoes. (i don't know why home grown potatoes taste so utterly different from any ones that I buy.)

I was pushing my luck with the next row , I so wanted garden peas and beans to grow. .I thought I'm sure to manage when they get tall enough to put in sticks for them to grow up and around.. Let's go for it, Harvey, shall we? "Er, mummy, did I grow like a seed?' was his retort. Oh no , please not sex education already.. This is my 1st child and he's 3..! Determined to answer honestly, I said , 'well yes you did really and then you grew into a tiny baby, inside my tummy , just like these 1st seeds we've planted will grow into big lettuce."

'so how did I get out?' asks my brain-box beyond his years.. Oh no, Now what do I say? He's only 3. I don't want to blow his mind. I vaguely remember keeping it real simple, like there's an opening in mummy's body that gets wider when baby is ready and baby just slides out. (if only, eh girls?)

I think this was the point where I managed to bring the subject back to growing lettuce and peas. Which brings me back to 'What exactly does go through a toddlers mind? .


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  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    8 years ago from Great Britain

    Thank you Lola.. It was so hard not to laugh out loud at the time. His little face was so serious.

  • Lola1929 profile image


    8 years ago from Oregon

    Hi Dim... what sweet memories of your son. Especially the difference between getting older and getting bigger! I'm still working on that one myself.

    Love from Lola

  • einron profile image


    10 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

    Cute. What children say!


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