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6 Books That Will Transform Your Life (#1 Will Turn Your Brain Inside Out!)

Updated on May 22, 2017

Carve out some time in your busy schedule because you have a lot of reading to do! The six books I am going to tell you about in this article are all books I have personally read and they have made a huge impact on how I look at the world and how I react to it! These books will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! So since you have so much reading to do I will skip the long intro and just get right into the books.

1. "Somebody Should Have Told Us" by Jack Pransky

This book will turn your brain inside out. You will realize that the stuff you believe is all an illusion and you have complete power to change that belief if you choose to do so. Like I said, life changing! If you want to lose weight, stop smoking, stop doing drugs or any other issue you have this book can help you do it! And the best part is that you can’t unknow it after you read it! This book will stay with you the rest of your life. That is why this book is #1 in my list.

2. "Supercoach" by Michael Neill

Do you have a lot of stress or anxiety, fears and expectations? “SuperCoach” is the perfect book for you because it is all about living from the inside out instead of from the outside in. It teaches you that your thoughts are just thoughts and you don’t need to put meaning to them. A life of fulfillment is right around the corner if you can just shift your perception of things.

3. "Mastering Your Mean Girl" by Melissa Ambrosini

This one's for all the ladies out there! You know that inner voice we all have that says you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough? Well it is time to tell her to SHUT UP!! I absolutely love how this book has taught me to “close the door on my mean girl” and to finally care about myself. There is a lot more to this book and Melissa also has a great website with podcasts that are super helpful!

4. "Live Like You're Dying" by Gregg Michaelson

Let me just start by saying that I highlighted the crap out of this book! I also wrote down everything I highlighted into a little notebook to refer to often! That is how good this book is! They should make a miniature version of it to carry around in your pocket! This book is chock full of helpful advice for successful everyday living, how to be your ideal self, and how to handle difficult people and situations. A must read!!

5. "The More of Less" by Joshua Becker

Most everyone has heard about the Minimalist movement that is going around. The first book I read about the subject was this one by Joshua Becker. It changed my life. I started my minimalist journey after reading this book and haven’t looked back. As a result my life is more focused on the important things not the stuff that I have to take care of before I can get to the important things. Don’t miss out on this one! He also has a book called “Clutter Free with Kids” that is great for those minimalist moms!

6. "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F..." by Mark Manson

Okay this is #6 on my list not because it is the least awesome of all the others but because it’s a bit of a turn-off due to the language. (Lots of swearing in this one!) I really wish someone (ahem- Mark) would rewrite this without all the swearing – not because I am a prude but because it really detracts from the message and also the credibility of the author. With that said, this book was awesome! It’s all about the joy in the struggles of life. You have to decide for yourself if what you want in your life is worth the struggle it is going to take to get it. And you will struggle. Life is all about struggle. If this resonates with you, read this book. If you fear your own death, read this book.

In Summary....

I have read many many books and these 6 have been the most influential for me. I sincerely hope you get to read them and that they add value to your life.

Can't decide which one to read first? I suggest "Somebody Should Have Told Us" by Jack Pransky. You know you want to know what it feels like for your brain to turn inside out!!

Be sure to share this list with your friends and family!! Enjoy!


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