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6 Simple Ways on How to Start Writing Every Day

Updated on May 12, 2020
sachnikh profile image

Nikhil is a passionate writer who has been writing on various exciting destinations in India and around the world.


Writing is a wonderful art that can be improved and polished over time by anyone having the slightest of interest. If you are completely new in writing, you start by writing neutral sentences, with no proper meaning.

However, as you approach and practice writing every day, you get better at it.

As people rightly say, there is nothing in this world that cannot be learned through daily practice. And the same can be said for writing as well.

Whether you are trying to explain an innovative idea, express your thoughts or opinion, or share your personal experience with your audience, it's important to write effectively. And writing every day will surely help you with this.


You can be a working professional, a college-goer, or simply a homemaker. No matter who you are, if you have a strong reason and a slight urge to write, then no one can stop you from writing daily.

If you are an aspiring writer, wanting to practice or improve your writing or want to establish yourself as an author in the near future then this article is for you.

Here, I’m going to share some of the simple and practical ways on how you can start writing every day easily:

1. Practice Discipline and Build a Habit

Whether you a novice or experienced writer, you may be facing difficulties in maintaining discipline. Well, if yes, this will act as your excuse for not writing daily and will ultimately reflect in your write-up. So, its time you must practice discipline in your daily routine.

This may include doing meditation at least for a couple of minutes before starting your day or doing mild exercise or yoga to flex your brain’s muscles.

If meditation or yoga is not your thing, you can listen to some of your favorite music tracks for some minutes. It will surely help you maintain discipline and ultimately help you write every day.

In spite of forcefully pushing yourself, you must practice discipline and create a habit to write every day.

2. Spend Most of Your Day Writing

As mentioned earlier, you may be a student, a government employee, or even a homemaker, if you want to write every day, you need to spend most of your day writing.

Yes, I know it may seem quite obvious, but, sometimes, you didn’t realize where you are investing most of your time in a day. And as you find out the next day or at night, it wasn’t in writing.

One of the best ways to make sure you spend enough time writing is to keep reminding yourself that your day is not going right.

You can also set multiple alarms between the interval of 1-2 hours that will keep you hooked and remind you to return to your desk for writing.

3. Remove All Distractions and Try to Focus

This is probably one of the most important yet most ignored aspects when it comes to writing daily. Unless you are highly self-motivated and focused on your work, distractions, of any kind, will demotivate you from practicing writing daily. Additionally, it can affect the quality of your writing in the long-term.

To achieve the goal of writing every day, you must take care of some activities, such as keeping your phone on silent and giving yourself a peaceful place to write.

Also, you must only open tabs on your browser which are necessary for your topic research. Setting yourself apart from all the distractions and disturbances is the only way you can dedicate yourself to writing daily.

4. Never Stop Reading

Whether or not you like reading books, articles, or magazines, to improve and build a daily writing habit, you must never stop reading. As you may guess, reading and writing go hand in hand.

Apart from strengthening your writing, Reading regularly will have a very positive impact on your cognitive mental stimulation, just like playing chess. It helps you expand your vocabulary and reduce stress levels, thus, leading you to proper sleep.


Similar to what musicians do to influence each other’s work, writers tend to learn various writing styles and tone by going through the well-written and published work by other authors.

Therefore, if you want to practice daily writing, never miss out reading one or two chapters of a book, or a couple of useful articles online.

You can also subscribe to some of the prominent blogs of your choice to build your interest in reading.

5. Remind Yourself Why You are Writing

This is one of the important things you must keep in mind when starting to write. It’s essential to know the reason behind the writing. You may be writing to share your knowledge on a particular topic, express your opinion, or educate your audience.

Also, remind yourself what goal you are trying to achieve with writing daily. Are you trying to write every day to become a better writer? Or is it because you want to establish yourself as a well-known author? Or maybe to become a blogger.

If you keep the reason for your writing in the back of your mind, you will easily be able to write daily without any hassles.

6. Solve the Problem of What to Write

Deciding on the topic to write is probably the hottest question that arises in the mind of people who wants to practice writing every day. But the solution to this problem lies within yourself.

As a starter, there are many things you can write on. Some of them include your personal opinion on the trending social issue, your recent or last traveling experience, or your knowledge about the latest gadgets in the market.


It could be anything that you think matters to you and for the people in the world.

It becomes easy to write every day when you share your thoughts about the topic or industry you are interested in.

As you keep writing every day on a single broad topic, you will explore more knowledge and information about the same.

Which problem are you facing while writing every day?

See results

Final Words

For people who want to write every day but couldn’t achieve that, it is crucial to always think about writing in your subconscious mind.

Practicing writing daily will not only improve your writing but also allows you to earn money through blogging.

You do not need to force yourself to write 1000 words. In the beginning, just focus on write 500, 200, or even only 100 words each day.

And as you write 100 words daily religiously for at least 30 days, you will build a habit and train yourself to focus. Then, gradually you can increase the daily word limit.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nikhil Sharma


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    • asereht1970 profile image


      8 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you for this very helpful article. I really want to write but oftentimes I don't have the motivation to write. I'll try to follow your advices.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      8 months ago from India

      Hey, Manuela.

      It's absolutely fine to write a little genuinely from your heart. In fact, sometimes, it's better for a writer to read more than to write. But this doesn't mean you should take it as an excuse to procrastinate yourself and develop a habit of not writing.

      I'm sure if you follow and practice these steps in your every day, you'll rarely find any problem in writing every day. Thanks for sharing your opinion, Ms. Manuela.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      8 months ago from India

      Hey, Avyukth.

      Don't worry, brother. You're not alone in this. Even the most renowned and qualified writers tend to struggle when it comes to writing consistently. And there is no shame to accept this.

      And I agree with the fact that if you can develop good discipline in your thoughts and actions, you'll easily find an inspiration to sit back and start writing once again. However, the definition of discipline might vary from person to person.

      Sure, Avyukh. I really wish and hope that these techniques will help you get on with your consistency in writing every day, without feeling low. You made me so happy with your wonderful comment, Avyukth.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      8 months ago from India

      It's such an honor for me to know a short description of your writing journey since starting it at the age of just 13. It seems motivational to me at first sight. It makes me believe that you're always goal-oriented in life that you want to become a good writer and try various kinds of writing and research papers.

      Just like you, I also love reading fantasy-fictional books. However, due to the shortage of time, and the unavailability of good books on the Play Store, I'm not able to dedicate my time to it.

      Honestly speaking, I didn't know that the writing industry can be this fascinating and enjoyable with SEO and copywriting fields. I'm also currently exploring these two sectors by reading and writing SEO blogs and connecting with like-minded people like you, Charlie. It's great to know your amazing opinion.

    • Nela13 profile image


      9 months ago from Portugal

      I try to write a little every day but sometimes it is difficult for me. Thank you for these good tips, it will help.

    • Avyukth profile image

      Avyukth Krishna 

      10 months ago from Bangalore

      Hi Nikhil,

      I have always struggled to write consistently. I write a lot when I find inspiration. But inspiration only comes once in a while. I like the fact that you have stressed the importance of discipline. I also think that once you develop discipline, you will be more inclined to get inspirations because you are constantly working on this. I will definitely use these techniques in my writing journey. Thank you !

    • Chardie Cat profile image

      Chardie Cat 

      10 months ago from Northern Mindanao, Philippines

      Nice read. I have been writing since I was 13. I started from love letters to poetry to daily journal. When I was in college, I began doing research papers to support my studies. Then, I wrote essays of various topics until I ventured into creative writing where I found myself more comfortable. I am also a voracious reader of fantasy-fiction books and a few other genres. Some authors inspired me hone my writing skills further. My previous copywriting and SEO content writing jobs allowed me to discover more brilliant ideas and applicable knowledge that could help me become a better writer. It is also good to be surrounded with writer friends of world-class caliber.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      11 months ago from India

      Thank you so much Muralikrishna sir for writing such a wonderful comment. Yes, I've carefully selected these points as per my experience to give better value to readers. I agree with you, sir. Every writer, whether new or experienced, should never stop reading. Reading is the habit that will always play an important role in polishing a writer's skills.

      Yes, sir. I will definitely try to make a community of like-minded writers to spread the word of importance of writing.

    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      11 months ago from South India

      Mr Nikhil, you are holding the rein and the cord! But of course, you are making the writer run on right path. You have selectively listed out the important ones. Then, it is also right that the writer should not forget to read and go out of date. Another most important thing is align with good writers and form a group that would make you feel the real joy while on writing.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      11 months ago from India

      Thank you so much Niks for reading the article. I'm really flattered to know that you liked the article. Yes, the tips I've shared in the article will hopefully not only help aspiring writers and bloggers but will also benefit experienced ones.

      I'm confident that if a person, who wants to become a good writer, follows these points whole-heartedly, he/she will surely improve his/her writings gradually.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      11 months ago from India

      I'm so happy to know that you found this article informative Trupti mam. All the points I've mentioned are from my personal writing experience, so, therefore, I hope I was able to give you some effective tips on writing consistently. Thank you mam for sharing your feedback with us,

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      11 months ago from India

      Thank you very much Vikram sir. It's nice to know that you found this article valuable. Yes, sir, I agree with you too. Writing in any language is the art form that takes lots of effort and consistency. It's something everyone can achieve, but only through patience and continuous practice.

    • Niks007 profile image


      11 months ago from India

      I liked this article. It is very handy for blog writers. Each and every point is worth following. Once we follow all that you mentioned above then we will get habitual to it and it won't be that tough to write daily. Keep inspiring the writers.

    • Truptirekha Das Mahapatra profile image


      12 months ago from India

      This is a helpful and informative article for every writer. Thank you very much for sharing this.

    • talesofvikram profile image

      Vikram Brahma 

      12 months ago from Assam, India

      Hey, Nikhil I totally agree with your points. All points are very important to start a writing career. I would say able to write in any language is an art and we must definitely learn this craft. Keep on writing more buddy.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      You're absolutely right Nitin sir. I have personally tried and tested all these practices to write every day. And it has really helped in doing so. Hopefully, it will help many aspiring writers out there in the world.

      Thank you very much for leaving such an amazing comment on the hub @Nitin sir.

    • nitinkhaire profile image

      Nitin Khaire 

      12 months ago from Mumbai

      Thank you for writing this article, Nikhil. It clearly mentions six ways to start writing daily. I am sure these steps will help many budding writers to stay consistent in their writing and develop themselves in their writing career.

      Removing all distractions is very important to the process of writing. This is a common problem with most writers.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      I'm feeling lucky to know that you liked my article, sir.

      Oh, that's great sir. It seems that many people want to spread awareness about practicing writing every day.

    • bhattuc profile image

      Umesh Chandra Bhatt 

      12 months ago from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India

      Nikhil, good work. Incidentally I have also written a similar hub here.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      Hi Arnaba. Hope you're doing well.

      Thank you so much for going through the article and leaving your amazing comment.

      I agree with you, Arnaba. Writing every day involves a lot of continuous dedication and practice. And by following all the points given above, one can surely achieve that.

      I will be glad if this article inspires all the novice or even experienced writer. Thanks once again, Arnaba.

    • Arnaba Saha profile image

      Arnaba Saha 

      12 months ago from New Delhi

      Hello Nikhil,

      This is a very informative and useful article for all the writers who want to achieve something in life through writing but are unable to focus enough to write regularly.

      Success in writing can only be achieved through determination and practice as you pointed out in this article.

      I am sure many writers will seek inspiration through this article. Great job. Keep up the good work.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      Thank you, Sushismita, for reading the article. Yes, practicing mediation, building focus, and minimizing the distractions has a lot to do with writing every day.

    • Suchismita pradhan profile image

      Suchismita Pradhan 

      12 months ago from India

      Very well presented article.Truly said writing is like meditation you have to do it on a daily basis to get a better result.keep writing.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      Thanks Alfred. Happy to connect with you!

    • Alfred nice profile image

      Mr Nice 

      12 months ago from Delta State, Nigeria

      A very nice article, you have written Nikhil, thanks to you. I will put this into practice from now on.

    • SUNEETHAM profile image


      12 months ago

      Very encouraging write up. Thank you Nikhil Sharma .

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      I'm glad that you liked the article mam. If you are facing difficulty in maintaining consistency in writing, following some or all of these tips will surely help. Feel free to let me know if you face any problem.

    • SwamanMeenal profile image


      12 months ago from Singapore

      Nice article. I was looking for some ways to build my writing muscle.

    • sachnikh profile imageAUTHOR

      Nikhil Sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      Thanks Liz for your valuable comment. Yes, you're absolutely right. With our continuous efforts and dedication, we will be able to write every day easily.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      12 months ago from UK

      You advocate a very disciplined approach. Having a designated workspace as well as time can be useful.


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