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6 Things To Be Grateful About

Updated on June 15, 2016

Life is how we choose to see it. A privileged man could see his life as miserable and a less fortunate man could see his life as beautiful , so yes it is all based on our perceptions.

So here are somethings which may help you to be grateful and may happen to change your perception. So here we go!

I. Your Existence

Did that sound crazy? Well .. Not really if you see it my way .Waking up healthy to this beautiful world is a blessing which shouldn't be taken for granted. There are people this very second breathing their last breath or maybe yearning to live more. You should ask that person how important is it to be alive and healthy. We take things for granted unless we lose them . So why not value your life now? Life is worth living ! You have a lot to learn , a lot to see , so never take this existence for granted. Have a beautiful life ahead.

II. Your Family

You are really fortunate to have this beautiful family you live with. Well, evereyone has one, so what is there to be grateful? Well if this question pops up in your mind then picture this, 'Living alone in a house where you have no one to talk to, no one to tell how your day was, no one to support you, no one to take care of you and no one to have dinner with so you have to eat alone." How did that sound? Depressing right? Now you see why should you be grateful to have a family.!

III. Vision

Just look around , have a look at the different colours, different things and people around you. Now take a moment to be thankful for that ability to see the world . It is a blessing which you shouldn't take for granted. There are people out there who desire to see the world and to see the people around them but are not able to.

IV. Food

Be grateful not to be one of those who has to sleep hungry because you don't have food to eat. Needless to say that there are hundreds of people who have to die from malnutrition because they can't even afford to feed themselves. Just a suggestion, if God has given you enough has given you enough please do share a bit with those who don't have enough and you'll earn blessings and blessings are very powerful.

V. Ability To Think

We humans are the only fortunate living beings who happen to have the ability to think. And this ability can also be termed as a superpower. To justify this, I'd like you think about the technological progress that has been made. Things which were once impossible are now made possible just because we humans are gifted with mind and intellect. But it's all upto us how we think, if we are optimistic and are able to look at the brighter side of things or if we are pessimistic and complain about life. Life is how we make it and it all depends on how we think.

VI. Your Belongings

Recall everything that you have. Your clothes, your shoes, your mobile phone, the tv, books and the list continues. You have almost everything you need . And each of it has a story. For example your mobile phone, how you bought it , when you bought it , etc . And the fact that you have it. Recalling and recalling all the things you own makes you feel good, doesn't it? So here"s another reason to be grateful! so when you have so much why ever be sad , be thankful rather and live a positive life.

A must watch!


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