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7 Deadly Sins That You Make in Content Writing

Updated on December 15, 2013

Content Writing : 7 Deadly Sins

  1. Procrastination
  2. “The Spirit Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Weak” Attitude
  3. Timidity or Lack Of Self-Confidence
  4. Limiting your Creativity
  5. Futile Comparison With Other Writers
  6. Oblivious to Audience
  7. Using Too Many Words

From SEO content writing to blog and website content writing as well as creative to script writing, every aspect of writing revolves around style, creativity and your passion for it.

The vicious circle of content writing is that you can’t write well until you are well experienced into it, and you can’t get the required experience until you maintain a forever consistence and perseverance to it. Be mindful that in absence of perseverance, content writing is not very much reflective to one’s excellence, precision and proficiency at it. Hence, there is always a void reflective from your written content and that needs to be filled in to accentuate your expertise as a writer.

Among many things that dampen one’s progress to achieve a level of excellence in content writing, I have laid down seven of the deadly sins that according to my own experience people (may) make.


Procrastination is the cankerous disease that hollows your ability or aptitude for writing from within. Ultimately, there develops a conspicuous lack of the expertise or excellence from whatever things you write. Means, you do not sound very impressive or expressive. There is always the sound of dullness from your written content.

Do not be evasive. Take out your time and write something of great value. To make sure that procrastination doesn’t intrude into your time set aside for writing, make a resolute and determined effort to stick to your timeline. Everything crumbles before a strong-willed commitment.

“The Spirit Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Weak” Attitude

If you are one of the individuals who are reluctant to continue with writing that you ought to do, then cross my heart, you sin as a writer. In other words, slothfulness is one of the deadly sins that you may make unwittingly or wittingly. In due course of time, you develop an attitude of inertia and reluctance that would dampen your progress from achieving an expertise in writing.
Hence, avoid showing laziness and slothfulness and stick to writing.

Timidity or Lack Of Self-Confidence

It is not what you think, but your action that counts. And your action is the reflection of your confidence level. If an action accompanies enthusiasm, gusto and zest, it conveys your high-spirited self-confidence level. Similarly, your writing is the yardstick for your self-confidence – the way you write is the way your confidence is conveyed. Timidity or lack of self-confidence is therefore one of the deadly sins in the field of content writing that takes you away from achieving your coveted success as a writer.

Never limit yourself

  • Always practice
  • Set aside a time for writing and stick to it
  • Always read books
  • Write everyday
  • Accept new challenges
  • Expand your knowledge through learning & practice

Limiting your Creativity

Limiting one’s creativity as a content writer is one of the other deadly sins that must be relinquished for good. You know that you can write well on something, but that is not the way you would acquire excellence in writing. Compliance is therefore a deadly sin that obstructs your progress from being a good writer.

Do not limit yourself. Always extend the circle of your creativity as a writer for this is one of the fundamentals that matter. Limiting your creativity is a deliberate effort of not expanding your horizon in the field of writing. It is also a sign of your insincerity to the commitment to improving your writing. How would you do that if you limit your creativity?

Futile Comparison

No matter how hard you try or however assiduous practice you put into an effort of being a physicist, you can never compete with late Albert Einstein. Why? Because what Albert did and what you are doing will have the mark of distinction in terms of success, fame and accomplishment. You may perhaps exceed well of what Albert achieved earlier in his life’s golden days or lag behind, but you will never be at par with him comparatively.

In other words, comparing yourself with someone is an act of insulting your own ability. It eventually turns out to be your mental subjugation to the influence of the person being compared.

Do not compare. Do not compete with other writers. Nobody is senior or junior. Every writer is gifted and so are you. Just avoid getting engaged into futile comparison and move ahead by the talent hidden within you.

Oblivious to Audience

This is seriously one of the deadly sins that most writers make oftentimes. Do not forget your potential audience as they are the ones who can be converted into customers later. Always be mindful to it. For example, a topic on “Benefits of Hiring SEO content Writing Service" is of no use for the audience searching content on “Health Benefits of Eating Bananas”. Knowing your audience is, therefore, a necessity.

Using Too Many Words

Using too many words to express one thing that could otherwise be expressed well in few words is one of the other deadly sins that most writers commit.

Today is the age of short, brief and point-worthy style of writing that readers love reading. Superfluous style will render you no benefit or positive feedback from your readers. So, keep your word count as minimum as possible without affecting the quality of what you write.

Aside from the listed above, sins in content writing, such as making grammatical mistakes persistently, writing before preparation, hastiness, impatience, no solicited feedback from audiences, using expletives and plagiarizing/spinning contents are worth avoiding at any cost.

If you love my article about “Seven Deadly Sins That You Make in Content Writing”, I solicit your feedback for the same.


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    • jhapawan profile image

      Pawan Kumar Jha Writer 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thank you, Dreamhowl! Thanks for reading and commenting the post !!

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 3 years ago from United States

      I agree with these and am often faced with them when I sit down to write a hub.