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7 Things the 9GAG Community Hates (Part 2)

Updated on August 7, 2012

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It seemed like you guys liked the first hub about this (although not everyone seemed to like 9GAG) and it is quite obvious that we don't hate 7 things only.

No more chit-chat, let's get straight to business.

User-friendly indeed.
User-friendly indeed.

7. Internet Explorer

Your parents use it, your grandparents use it, your little sister uses it, unless they're cool. Internet Explorer is the least adored browser in the whole wide world. I don't know the reason why Microsoft can't make it much better because it's definitely slower that other browsers. That's why it is given the award "The Best Browser to Download Other Browsers." So if you're using IE right now to read this hub or to browse 9GAG, you're not cool man.

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge. | Source

6. Internet Censorship Bills

SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, we hate all that limits our freedom. We hate those which restrict our access to free knowledge and free How I Met Your Mother episodes. We hated it when they shut down MegaUpload and other cool sites that we visit. It's just so unfair.

The amount of protests all over the world against these bills is too damn high. Even big-rep websites like Wikipedia and Reddit protested by blacking out their site.

Most of them are like this.
Most of them are like this. | Source

5. Attention Whores

"I'm ugly :((", "No one likes me :<", "plEaze lyyyk mY pR0fil3 piC!!!xoxo!!!", these are just some of the many actions of attention whores. They only want your attention, everyone's attention. They are mostly on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Beware and stay away from them.

Scan your FB friends and spot the attention whores. Research say that one person has at least one attention whore friend. Rather than deleting them, turn off the lights, get popcorn, and enjoy reading their statuses.

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.

4. Dumb People

All we can do is *sigh* because of their remarkable intelligence. I am sure you know at least one, but don't blame them, sometimes our brain can instantly hang up and stop working. But if you think this happens to them all of the time, well I guess you have to buy them a stronger processor for their head.

The discover page and the watermark in the middle all-in-one
The discover page and the watermark in the middle all-in-one

3. 9GAG Changes

Well yeah, we kinda hate that (especially the ugly changes, eww) and you'll know because a lot will post complaints about it. But good thing the admins hear us out and give us what we want, yey! Two good examples are the "Discover" page, where Trending and Vote page are combined into one place, and the 9GAG watermarks placed on the center of the images which were quite annoying. I'm so thankful they changed it back.

(I guess i have to include Facebook changes here too. Timeline anyone?)

At least they're outside.
At least they're outside.

2. Kids Today

I know, I know, the current generation sucks. We, the 90's kids, were the last generation of cool kids. We have cool cartoons, we witnessed the development of games and consoles, we were the last wired and the first wireless generation, and many more cool stuff that happened to us. It's just sad that kids today seldom play outside anymore and are much more into playing computer games and clubbing and all that. We were the last ones to have an AWESOME childhood.

1. Being Friendzoned

The title explains it all. Whether you're a man, a woman, gay, lesbian, or having an identity crisis, I know you never want to be in this circle of hell. Well basically, being friendzoned is when your ultimate crush tells you that you are his/her bestest friend ever and it will never change, worse if he/she told you that after confessing your feelings for him/her.



If you haven't read the first installment of this hub, read it here:

7 Things the 9GAG Community Hates

Well again it is not bad to hate some things, unless you hate it with other people or it really pisses you off and make you wild like a panda in a panda costume (dafuq?). It is nice to hate specially when millions of people in the world hate it too...I guess. Oh well, have fun 9GAGgin'!


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