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7 Powerful Ways to Permanently Overcome Writer’s Block - Part 1

Updated on June 4, 2020
Arnaba Saha profile image

Arnaba is a professional content writer. She is here to share her experience in impressive and effective writing skills and strategies.


Writer’s block is a state of mind where you are unable to write. It is a mental blockage that restricts you from starting or finishing your write-up. It can be an emotional blockage as well.

It is a phase when you run out of imagination, ideas, and cohesive thoughts. Everything you try to write seems trash to you. During this phase, you struggle to think of what to write. You do not know how to proceed with your writing. It can make you anxious, pessimist, and desperate.

For a professional writer/blogger it is the most difficult time. As the problem is deeply associated with your profession, it hampers your career growth. Thus, finding a proper solution to help you overcome this issue is of paramount importance.

There are various techniques that can help you gradually fight and conquer writer's block. But it cannot be done in a day. It is a process that requires time, perseverance, and will to triumph over your persistent issue.

Now, let hop on to the 7 powerful ways to overcome writer’s block permannetly:

1. Unburden Yourself

As writers or bloggers, you tend to burden your mind with expectations, aspirations, high-standards, and strict rules. These parameters restrict your writer-soul to come out and write freely. You shackle your thought process and flow of ideas on the pretext to write something great. This expectation to produce “great” copy every time you write, is a potential threat to your creativity and leads you to this condition.

You might have been experiencing this block because you are worried if you can meet your high standards of writings. Unburden your soul from these limitations and burdens. Let it breathe in the fresh air of new ideas and thought without any boundaries.

2. Relax

When your mind is surrounded by writer’s block it is essential to relax. Your mind needs to relax and rejuvenate. Do something that will soothe your sense: listen to calm music, sounds of nature, or just take a sip of tea chilling in your veranda.

You can decluttering your mind. Use a brain dump where you write your fears, anxieties, and problems. Once you have jotted down everything, keep it aside and let them be.

This will help you to shed some of your anxiety and think constructively. This will help you relax and unburden your mind to a great extent.

3. Stop Prioritizing Your Readers

Thinking about what your readers might think about you or your writing is a crucial factor for the formation of writer’s block in the first place. Try writing something that you want to write without the intention to show it to anyone in the world. Write with a free spirit. Let all the shackle of self-doubt, dilemma, uncertainty, or worthlessness shatter in pieces. Write for yourself and yourself alone.

4. Embrace Randomness

Allow your mind to wander. Let all the trivial, unnecessary thoughts come into your mind. Embrace the randomness of life. Embrace serendipity to find inspiration, revived zeal for writing, and willingness to pour your heart out. Find inspiration beyond your genre, niche, or preference. Watch a random movie, switch to random TV channels, read an unrelated section from newspapers, blogs, or websites to stimulate inspiration to strike you.

All these random acts in pursuit of inspiration will tinkle your imagination and willingness to write new blogs, articles, or even stories. Even an abstract piece of writing will be enough to get you started.

5. Change Your Writing Time

Yes, stalwarts like Stephen King, John Grisham, and Haruki Murakami preach to stick to a fixed schedule. They all have a strict and fixed writing schedule to follow. And you are told to learn from the stalwarts and legends to succeed. But this rule applies only when you want to build a writing habit and your case is different. Therefore, your approach also has to be different. Thus, change your writing time.

In fact, don’t have a writing schedule for a time being. Write whenever you feel like writing. Write when you are ready to write. Experiment with your writing habits to help you break free from your writer’s block.

6. Change Your Writing Venue

Now that you decided to change the time, try changing the venue as well. Leaving your work desk or writing corner is a proven, effective way to fight writer’s block. Take a break from your usual place of work and go out. Go to a coffee shop, cafe or a library. The trick is to find a place where you can work yet your brain cannot associate it with your work.

7. Beg, Borrow, Steal

If your pond of ideas is dried up then dip into the ocean of inspiration. Read other blogs, articles, or websites in search of new ideas. Now, beg, borrow, or steal ideas from other writers. Remember, seek inspiration alone, don’t try to copy-paste it. Start writing them in your own words, give them a new perspective if possible, and splash your creative touch to it and voila! You will get a unique, interesting, and definitely new blog post/ article ready.


Every individual is different. Every individual has their own mindset, thought process, and approach towards life. These distinct point of views make you stand out among others. These traits make you a different person. Therefore, the cure to your writer's block might be different than others.

For some, all these solutions will apt and useful. For others, only a few might work. For you, only one might work. And you have to find that one solution to your problem. You have to try out all these solutions so that you can see what works for you.

But dont forget, all these methods will take time. You have to practice these methods consistently to fond out which ones working for you.

Follow these methods with all your heart and you will see how effectively the dark clouds of writer's block disperse.


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