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8 Websites Anyone Can Write for to Grow a Reputation as a Film Critic, Reviewer, or Reporter

Updated on September 4, 2017
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John Tuttle is a young Catholic man, a content writer, and a blogger who has written on topics such as science, history, and entertainment.


If you are a new or an aspiring writer in the movie/entertainment industry, you know that anyone, whatever the individual's skill levels be, can write a film review on IMDb or Letterboxd and easily have it published. The following collection lists several professional online entertainment publications that deliver professional quality articles.

What is even more amazing about these sites is they consider written pieces by anyone. If you love movies and video games and are an engaging writer to boot then you should look into writing for at least one of the websites below.

1 – Screen Rant

Screen Rant is looking to pay movie/game writers who are age 18 or over. The site has a number of specifications for its writers including that they must be able to create 20 or more new posts of at least 350 words each month. Screen Rant publishes reviews and interviews, thus stating that writer applicants living in areas like Los Angeles or San Francisco would have more opportunities for covering certain relevant topics. To apply, fill out this form.

2 - Screen Geek claims that it is always on the search for more writers. They refer to themselves as “an up and coming website.” They say that any past experience is not important to them; they are open to new writers from all backgrounds and skill ranges. Screen Geek discusses movies, comics, and World Wrestling Entertainment. Past usage and familiarity of WordPress is helpful. Mind you this is currently a volunteer position, but Screen Geek says as the site's number of viewers grows your work will eventually be monetarily rewarded. If interested, you can get in touch at


3 - The Hyped Geek

The Hyped Geek covers a wide range of topics, particularly in the areas of technology, gaming, high-tech devices, movies, and such. They accept submissions of reviews and feature pieces on those subjects. Again, you have to be more than 18 years old to even be permitted to submit an article. Payment should not be expected from The Hyped Geek. If you think it is something which piques your interest, fill out their form.

4 - Digital Fox: Movie Wolf

When you visit this website one of the main categories at the top of every page is the “Write for Us” category. The main site is Digital Fox; its sub sites include Movie Wolf, Gaming Gorilla, Anime Dragon, and Tech Rhino. FanWriters, as the site calls its writers, are eventually paid for their articles once they become “certified.” The certification process takes as long as the writer wishes if he applies himself and reads and follows the training modules.

To become a FanWriter and access the training files you do have to join the site's FanWriter Facebook group. Digital Fox really wants writers that can write with a touch of humor. They also look for FanFilmers to create video content. Visit their “Write for Us” page to learn more.

5 - Taste of Cinema

Taste of Cinema is actually quite similar to Digital Fox except it is geared exclusively toward movie media. They really like listicles, but the site also publishes reviews and pieces regarding Hollywood stars. Apparently, they have a following of over 600,000 people, and they pay their writers and video producers. Get in contact with the website via email at if you are interested in either of the positions.

The Wide World of the Cinema
The Wide World of the Cinema

6 - Movie Quotes and More

This site does not pay for your work, but if you are under 18 and really want to get an early start at film reviewing this is as good a place as any. Reviews of current films as well as old ones are accepted. The only stipulation is that the review is at least 500 words long. Movie Quotes and More does not guarantee the publishing of your work; the site states only the best written pieces are published. Yet I have found it is really easy to get a review published as is with few edits. Just be sure you write clearly using good grammar. To submit a movie review, fill out the form here.


7 - Film Inquiry

Film Inquiry says their writers come from all over the globe and that their editors are professionals. They say you as a writer will have quite a bit of creative liberty and will be respected for your unique views. Film Inquiry wants their writers to supply them with “in-depth articles.” Perks associated with writing for Film Inquiry are special opportunities and gaining more exposure; requirements include proper grammar usage and a sound understanding of cinema/filmmaking. To apply or learn more visit the site here.

8 - Flickering Myth

Last but not least is The Flickering Myth. This website produces content covering movies, TV, comics, toys/collectibles, and video games. It publishes opinion pieces, listicles, news, and reviews. Like Film Inquiry, it expects its contributors to deliver their writing in a timely fashion. Flickering Myth states no prior experince is needed, but a good handle on grammar and a passion for the topic you are writing about are key. The pay is unspecified. Visit their “Write for Us” page to learn more on how to apply.

© 2017 John Tuttle


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