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~A childs prayer~

Updated on January 10, 2012


A child praying for change...


~The Ultimate Prayer~

Hello LORD!

now I lay me down to sleep, but before I go

I would like to speak

I want to live, I want to grow up to be somebody

I want to make my parent proud

I want to learn how to read and understand what I'm reading, so I can educate my mind

I'm going to leave this all up to you LORD

LORD! when you said you love me did you really mean it?

because my family really needs you now

LORD, I prayed that you would heal my parents hearts and help them understand oneanother

but they are still fighting all the time, my father is always yelling at mom and she of course yell's back

then for the next three days dad's moping around the house and mom's crying non stop

some times I just want to tell her to be quiet she won the fighty, but I know you wouldn't want me to speak that way

so I'm praying that you will help daddy and mommy to be happy again, then I can get some rest

also LORD, could you help my brother with his attitude problem, hes mad all the time and always thinks someone is after him

could you please explain to him that the whole wide world is not after him, hes beginning to get on my nerves, woooooh!

I tried to tell him noone is after him except the bill collector for charging all thos clothes last month on mom's credit card, but I'm sure LORD, you will make him understand

Oh LORD! before I forget, could you speak to my sister about all those phone call's she gets from those boy's, she hogs up the telephone and I never get to talk to my friends anymore

hasn't she heard of a cell phone oops! I forgot, she doesn't have a job, LORD, could you help her with that to, thanks!

well, christmas is here and I don't usually ask for much, but this year LORD, could you please bring us peace on earth, turkey instead of ham, icecream instead of apple pie

and by the way LORD, last year you forgot my red sweater, I was cold all day running around in my brand new clothes without that sweater, but I did like the idea that you showed up, thanks, Amen!



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