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Updated on November 29, 2011



1 A.M.

. The smoke, the drinking and the Music, all blending in, announcing the good time spent throught the long night.

The crowd is cheering for the best girls in this contest for the best wet T-shirt. Not to bad for the 500 dollars prize. Customers are diverse, from the regular truck driver heading to Sacramento or Nebraska, to the regular medium class neighbor. "Let's go Chief," says a voice with a strong Cowboy style. Two guys get into a black RAM 1500, and leave.





Women with their best attributes, not mentioning just 'breast', are entertaining customers on this unending dance around the pole. Actually is a strip club with a license for a night Club. The sound from Seal's song are heard loud as three girls do their best to keep customers coming every night. An scene from flash dance is in the air. Girls make sure their get their dollars all over their 'see-through' bikinis .that drive these guys crazy.

All the girls slowly go back into their wardrobes and the lights go off. Then to the sound of Human League song, 'Don't you want me' comes this dancer, that provokes euphoria from the masses. " Yeah baby! bring it own," shouts one guy close to her. "Wow, mommy shake that booty, damn!"

This read headed girl was a new dancer, and she was doing it so good. Not too bad for a newcomer. Her moves were actually causing problems around the drunken troublemakers that led to a fight.

Chairs start flying and bottles too. The girl runs back stage and is grabbed by Ron 'alter ego.'

"Where do you think you are going, huh?"

"That was too dangerous Ron! You think I'm a doll of steel?" screams Christina, Yep! she was one of our Colombian girls that was forced into 'business.'

"At least you are having a decent job that is not prostitution Chris, you know what I mean? Besides, you are wiring enough money for your mom and daughter!" screams 'Ron alter ego' beating the louds sound of the Music, " treat her like a lady..!"


3 A.M.

Ron is taking Christina to her apartment near Sunny Valley. The driving is exhausting and it shows. Christina's make up was too heavy and is all over her face. Ron is lighting up a cigarette to keep him alert. Suddenly from behind he gets a hit from a black Ram 1500. "What the f** man!" That's all he could say... A mortal bullet fired from this infernal truck goes slowly into his head blowing his last minute of breathable life. The car is out of control and Christina instinctively holds the steering wheel, since Ron is already dead. The guys from the truck fled the scene. She screams, "Ron!! Wake up!! Oh my god...!"´╗┐




1 A.M.

Adrianna is doing good, actually better than we expected. She is having a good time with Manolo and other guys from the 'IMAGENES' branch from Madrid. Her dog is always being taking cared of... and she finds herself showing her digital pictures to Manolo. All of a sudden Jairo Solano, the big Boss, shows up.

"These are the plane tickets for Geneva Adrianna. They were interested in your portfolio, as I anticipated two weeks ago, and they want you there for the launch of a new Fragance from a top secret Customer and her next fall designs."

"Are you serious! Jairo? This is the best news I've ever heard in years," says Adrianne hugging her boss and Manolo. "But!... listen to me young woman! You need to loose at least five pounds to cut it into the average body type that they are looking for," responds Jairo with a warning sound.

"Please boss, she already told me yesterday, that she was going to leave her 'arepas' and 'aborrajados' alone," replies Manolo in her deffense.

"There you go big brother, keep defending me and I will adopt you!... not only that, you might end up dating my little princess," responds Adrianna with the biggest smile and a good spirit.

"I'm not a dog! Well, you women say that we all men are dogs,... and it is true!"

"Shut up! silly!" replies Adrianna with a heart that is about to blow for the unexpected good news! At least for now...



4 A.M.

"No! forget it!" says Gary Gustavsson. "You just told me she is Colombian?" he asks again and bites his own lips as a sign of impotence.

Seems that the night was too long for both. Tension was building up for a reason. "Yeah, Colombian and a human like any one of us," replies his Colleague, Jack Danielsen.

"You know Jack why I hate these People..!" says Gary, making a fist with both hands.

With vehement exasperation he resolves to take off. Actually he is heading to the Lobby, and takes his Scrubs off. Jack catches up with him and...

" Would you stop it! You are a Doctor and don't try to leave me alone with this girl," says Jack, rasing his voice out of anger.

"I hate Colombians, you know why, right?"

"I know... I know..! Your father went to Colombia in 1980 and Was studying Columbian Antropology in Bogota.. you told me that Zillion of times at medical school, even in intership, and got killed."

"You don't have to say it again!" replies Gary.

"So you know me very well Jack, I don't care. You can tell the Staff director that I felt sick. I cannot stand Colombians..and"

Jack grabs him from his neck and pushes him against the wall. "Now you! You think she is one of them huh? This woman... is waiting for your help. I know, I took your girl, three years ago...but"

"Knock it off! You are hurting me," replies Gary.

"This woman doesn't have to do anything with your personal problems. I know your dad is dead, but we are doctors here; You understand? If I have to go to jail, you are going with me!," responds Jack with the upmost anger.

"Okay, you got me now Jack. Let's do it now!," replies Gary with a similar state of 'altered mind.'

A nurse comes running down the hall. "Her vital signs!...I think..oh my god! I think we lost her Doctor Danielsen!"

Both Doctors look to each other... and run back into the Operating room.



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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hi Mary!

    Actually this story got so deep that we have to take our time in putting the next hub together. Some asked for more and it was given accordingly! The story evolves and seems that the end is unpredictable. Will keep you posted my friend! Have a great day/night


  • mary615 profile image

    Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

    OK, Lord, now I have to wait to find out what happens to these girls. I'll wait. I am getting a little confused. I may have to go back and reread the previous chapters. Keep it coming, OK???

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hello Purvisbobbi44,

    Thanks to you and only you..this tale continues non stop..could've ended on Part 3, but you pushed our buttons and here we are! Thanks Bobbi for your support! Amazing, how far we have gone. Our characters are...they have a life of their own...we just write what they tell us to write.


  • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

    PurvisBobbi44 6 years ago from Florida


    You have really reached down in the abyss of human misery to capture the truth of what these girls are going through---and I am sure this happens in real life.

    You are making people think--about what the other part of our world is dealing with, and maybe feel a little kinder to others who needs help.

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us once again.

    Great work. I voted Up and awesome.

    Your Hub Friend,



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