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A Century Of Hope.

Updated on November 29, 2009


A century of Hope.   ©-MFB III  

With one last gasp
he left the stage of life
no curtains were drawn
as much as he was
that last night
perhaps a smile
trickled across his
soon stilled lips
as he was greeted
on the other sude
by thunderous applause
his final exit began
like the darkness
of a backstage
he entered that
tunnel of light
and all around were
the thousands of men
he brought hope to
beating spirited hands
in standing ovations
following him as he
greeted God and cracked
a one-liner that made
angels howl....
"Where ya been...God???
it's hell down there!!"
"The boys in Iraq and
Afghanistan are hoping
you'll put in
a one-night appearance
and remove two
genetic mistakes....
What's bin a Sad dam shame!!"
ahh Bob Hope
He could bring a smile
to the face of war
he could make  the
shudders of fear
turn into sputters of laughter
young boys who had seen
bodies split in hamburger
by shrapnel watched
the faces of their
split into smiles
that stretched
across endless battalions
he brought Christmas
every year to those
far from home
he was a bit of a
Santa's helper
with his ski nose
and those elf-like ears
he hated to fly
but he always boarded
his fear to help
lighten the hearts
of warriors burdened
with death
a lot of the men he
entertained shared
their last laugh with him
he was the last
hope they knew
he danced in jungles
and in deserts
and in godforsaken areas
that could have stilled
his quick step far too early
he will live on past the
echoes of the last gunshot
and long beyond
the peace that one day
will bless all men
though a mere century
has claimed his weary bones
he has joined all those
he so dearly loved to join
the world is a bit more
Hopeless tonight
and there's a twinkle
in the heavens from the joy
in God's eyes


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