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A Children’s Story with Pictures: The Story of the Donkey and the Fox

Updated on July 5, 2013

Children's Story: An Introduction

Here is a children’s story with some pictures based upon a popular fable. I have tried to keep the language as simple as possible. This is a story for the very young children. Tell this story to your kids or read it to them. If the readers like this more stories will follow. This kid’s story has a moral too. I also changed the original fable a bit, I discarded death for the sake of little ones.

Hutur the donkey
Hutur the donkey


Many, many years ago a farmer lived in a small village beside a jungle. He had an old donkey named Hutur. Because of is age Hutur could not do much work. So, one day the farmer drove him away from his house. Being homeless Hutur went inside the jungle. There were plenty of sweet and tasty leaves to eat. Moreover , there were no work to do. So, Hutur was not that sad. He roamed around the jungle in search of more and more food.

The animals of the jungle have not seen such a peculiar thing before. Hutur seemed an alien to them. Nobody dared to face him or ask him anything. They were watching him hiddenly.

The jungle was full of beauty. Hutur enjoyed it very much. He never had experienced such fresh air full of the sweet scent of jungle flowers. He never saw so much green before. Hutur was so excited that he walked and walked through the jungle paths deep inside the forest.

When evening came Hutur became afraid. In total darkness the Jungle changed. He heard the sound made by the King tiger, “ Grooooooowwwwmmmmmm!”. Hearing that voice he lost all his courage and he hid himself inside a big bush. He spent the whole night there.

At last the morning came with the sweet songs of the birds. Hutur the donkey came outside from his hide out. At this moment a big rhinoceros came. Seeing the rhino Hutur cried in fear, “Gnaaaaaaaaa Gnaaaaaaakkkkkkk!”. The rhino never heard so frightful sound before. So, he lifted his tail up and fled.

Huju the fox
Huju the fox

The words was spread throughout the whole jungle; the arrival of a ferocious new animal. Every animal became afraid of the donkey. So, Hutur the horrible roams around the jungle without any danger. No one dared to attack him.

King tiger also heard the rumors. He went to investigate the matter. When he saw the peculiar figure of Hutur he also lost all his bravery. He thought it better to not to disturb that strange animal. The king slipped away to his den.

But there was one who was not afraid. He was Huju the fox. That fox knew many thing about humans and so he was aware that Hutur was a harmless animal. He told it to everybody but no one believed it. Huju was a very clever fox. He wanted to eat the meet of the donkey. But it was impossible for him to kill such a big and strong animal.

Tiger the King
Tiger the King

Huju the fox went to the mountain cave to meet the King. King tiger was alone at that time.

“YourHighness,” said Huju, ”will you allow such audacity?”

“What audacity?”, the King was surprised.

“How did this miserable animal defy you, the King of the jungle?”

“Who is that scoundrel?” the tiger was furious.

“Your highness it is the donkey.”

“Donkey? What is that?”

“Your highness”, the fox said, “it is that new ugly animal. He told everybody that he will be the next king.”

“Did he say so?”, the king became afraid.”What will I do now? Save me.”

The fox did not expect it.

“Highness! Don’t be afraid of him. He is nothing but a poor slave animal. He works for human. They bit him as they wish. He is nothing to you. Kill him highness.”

“Are you sure?”,tiger was in doubt.


“I think, “said the tiger, “let him say whatever he pleases. After all he is our guest.”

“I did not expect it from you, “told the fox angrily, ”do you have any respect for your position as a king. If you have any honor you must kill that animal”


“No “but” and “if” oh king, “said Huju, ”you must kill him for honor’s sake.”


“Ok if you are afraid I shall accompany you. I shall go close to him with you. Then you shall know that this animal is completely safe to kill.”

“But if you run away,” said the tiger, “then who will save me?”

“All right”, said the donkey, ”I shall tie my tail with yours. Are you sure now?”

So, they went in search of Hutur the donkey. Their tails were tied. After an hours searching they found him. Huju the fox agitated the tiger to attack Hutur immediately.

The tiger and the fox tied their tails
The tiger and the fox tied their tails

With a furious roar the tiger jumps out from a thicket to attack Hutur. The jungle trembled by this deadly sound. All the birds flew away crying. Hutur became terrible afraid and so he gave cry in fear, ”Gnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

Hearing that strange sound from this unknown animal the tiger lost all his ferocity. He about turned and ran away for his life. The poor fox’s tail was bounded with his. So, he was dragged behind. The tiger ran and ran and ran. He was so horrified that he completely forgot about the fox. He dragged him over the stones, bushes, thorns and pebbles.

After one hours continuous running the king tiger was out of the jungle. Outside the jungle he was trapped by humans. They took him away for a zoo. After being dragged so long the fox lost all his backside hair. In shame he never returned to the jungle.

Later, all the animals chose Hutur the donkey as their new king. After that, Hutur leaved their happily with all the animals.

If you like this children's story with funny images please comment. If you dislike it then also please let me know the reason. See you soon.


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    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 5 years ago from India

      Thank you very much wikidoll for your encouragement.

    • wikidoll profile image

      wikidoll 5 years ago

      gud story dear..write more stories..

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      dora 5 years ago


    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 5 years ago from India

      Nobody has left a comment. Please readers let me Know that you like it or not.