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A Civilization’s Day

Updated on March 28, 2019
The0NatureBoy profile image

In mid 1973 Elijah was conceived spiritually, directed to reread the Bible, to note contradictions and he questioned what was written.


A day measures any cycle with two primary parts and is why the Bible suggested we measure the plight of woman (earth’s incomplete man) like seasons, days and years. The Four seasons reveals the two primary parts going from warm to cold and back divided into four parts called spring, summer, fall and winter. What is called day has two major parts, evening or dark and morning or light, but there are two transitions from evening to morning and back. Human (minds unable to comprehend all things) call post-mid-evening morning until what is called noon, although it's mid-morning, and immediately after it is called afternoon until after the nine-hours of most work times that they call evening until midnight.

The moon's lunar day as seen from the earth has four parts consisting of a new moon, first quarter, full moon and third quarter. And the list of days would continue once we realize similarities of what we see from and on earth happens throughout existence.

At the equator an earth day consists of, per the Bible’s creation, approximately eleven hours of evening, an hour of transition to an eleven hour morning and another hour transiting back to evening. Those concepts is why we are suggested to use the sun and heavenly bodies as a sign for determining man’s earthly plight as seasons, days and years in the creation's metaphor.

Why I see Creation as a day is it began with a transitioning to a morning (civilization) that followed Revelation Alternate civilization Genesis calls evening which defines evening as the time preceding and morning as the time of light.

The early evidence that this civilization's end is beginning is the royal wedding of a daughter of man without color to one of color in England representing the east. Another sign is the soon to be marriage of a son of god without color to one with color that is to happen in the USA representing the west. The one in the west will be the Lord, whom ye seek, suddenly come to his temple and bring world peace which hasn’t happened since the foundation of woman as the Jacob and Esau’s fighting in their mother’s womb symbolizes.The latter reunion is what is called the end of the world or civilizations sunset.

A Day

A day begins with evening's first light on the eastern horizon followed by six more stages until when looking west there is neither shadows nor the sun’s glare on earth. That seventh stage allows everything on earth to be seen in full detail as darkness and light are integrated above earth without light reflecting off objects to produce shadows or darkness. Then slivers of sun rays are seen on the upper part of high objects like mountains or trees and increasing until they touch the earth’s surface and continue increasing until the sun is directly over all objects. Then the reverse happens until there's another balance of neither darkness nor sun rays, the first of seven stages to pre darkness' twilight then darkness covers the earth if there neither moon nor stars are in the sky. Then the evening returns morning.

Thus, a day is a never ending cycle alternating between evening and morning.

Do we really observe days?

Is this a valid description of an earthen day?

See results

Human’s Plight Day

The book reads in beginning … let there be light and there was light and that first glimpse of light means parting the people of evening’s alternate civilization into man (minds able to comprehend all things and exceed the ability of earth and everything hereon) from woman (minds unable comprehend all thins and exceed earth and everything hereon). [Neither man nor woman is used as genders.] I say it people is because Revelation defines waters as people of many ethnics and the next thing was waters divided from the waters with some going to heaven, meaning sky and was what’s called rapture. Then another waters' division causes land to appear and plants to grow as a symbol of evolution. The seven days [thousands of year] of producing life represents how all life-forces evolving through all elements and life forms of earth by which those who are rapture obtain dominion once they are born again or morph from woman into.

The multiply and replenish the earth means the number of woman bodies on earth are to be restored to replace those man the waters above the firmament raptured. The replenishers of earth’s were told to have dominion (to exceed the ability) over earth and everything hereon suggests some are to remain as sons of God who didn’t live in daughters of men family groups, claim territory and the only time two or more people lived together was when a mother had a pre-adolescent (over 12 years but before puberty) child or multi-born children nursing with very loose ties.

Everyone is called daughters of men at the flood except the house of Noah who didn’t follow Adam and Eve’s judgmental minds are sons of god. Their replenishing during the seventh day was when there was unity between light and dark without blinding sun rays nor obscuring darkness before civilization's sunrise or day of rest.

The eighth day Adam and Eve became civilization's first light rays for developing woman by beginning to like and dislike things that caused ignorance they called naked even with hair all over their bodies. That was because boys’ erected penis don’t extend beyond the foreskin like all other animated life and their not knowing how to mate with it made them too ashamed to ask the visiting voice of the sons of God how to. Rather than overriding their shame God/Satan caused their bodies to become hairless, instructed the boy to be a farmer and the girl to be a mother and housewife who depend on her husband for food which formed the family.

Civilization’s full rise was spreading their lifestyle at the flood of flooding woman-en-mass with guilt, ignorance, judgments, shame, selfishness and all of the other attributes to increase ignorance. That was why the knowledge of good and evil was called the tree, each tree produces more and more fruit or nuts each season for as long as they are growing.

Woman’s recognizing differences caused ethics’ separations with each of the four ethnics, Noah and house symbolizes, judging the other three. Those in The Ark away from the living dead daughters of men had dominion power minus the complete understanding and represent American Natives, Asians, Australians/Africans and Europeans. Half of the house of Noah directing woman’s actions were called Satan and demons and the other half God and angels is now what we see as civilization is setting. We have God, Satan and human-en-mass intermingling again with demons directing some and angels the others prior to the day of rest or millennium reign of Christ.

How It Ends?

Simply said is in reverse of how it began with the following being some of the details.

England, an empire, has integrated dark and light with the royal wedding where a girl daughter of men was brought in by a boy daughter of men into the world’s palace for the physical manifestation of the sons of Satan in the world. Any day now we will have the Lord, whom ye seek, suddenly comes to his temple in the U.S. of America that a girl son of god brings a boy son of god into the White House for beginning the manifestation of the sons of God in this physical world. That will cause world wide peace among human for the sealing of the Ten Virgins (10% of earth’s population) and eliminate civilization's duality.

Once 5% of the virgins are sealed they are to be sealed in Armageddon while the foolish ones remain and discarnate during The Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty. That battle eliminates 5% of the sons of God and all daughters of men then the 5 foolish virgins from the last civilization are born to the man or god who replenish earth with all ten billion alternate bodied woman to populating the evening or alternative civilization without sun. Except for a group like the four in Noah's Ark during this world only the sons of god will have physical bodies able to reproduce the New World Order. It's to be during last millennium that "Jesus" comes in the cloud and raptures man one at a time beginning with the last morphed into man to the first fruit of the gospel or son of man who establishes the spiritual civilization as the Alpha and Omega being the fruit of the gospel and last to rapture.

A Civilization's Day

Do you see civilization as a day based on the Bible?

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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      13 months ago

      Thank you.

    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      13 months ago from Washington DC

      Yes, Robert, the first paragraph's season, days and years reference is Genesis 1:14, the section called "A Day" references making the 7 days of creation into 7000 years pre-sunrise of a day and the whole thing, this civilization because of having sun and Revelation 21's (v 23) because it has no sun, makes the whole cycle a day.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      13 months ago

      Do you cross reference the Bible texts to come to these conclusions?


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