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A Collectors Guide To Collecting Comic Books

Updated on May 25, 2009

Comic Books

Box Of Comic Books Image takn from
Box Of Comic Books Image takn from

All Types Of Comic Books On Amazon Or There Are Lots Of Graphic Novels Out There

A Comic Book Collection

First off collecting comic books should be a fun thing and not really about the potential profit in the future, because collecting comics are the main reason why I enjoy reading them and using them as a source of reference for my own comic book artwork.

A comic book collection is really a good amount of comics and also a varied amount of different titles, such as Marvel,Dc,Darkhorse,Image,Vertigo etc.

Most collectors keep their comic books in boxes and in plastic sleeves to protect them, it's up to you if you want to do this for the future of your collection. Comic books have the appeal of a fashion trend when it comes to what they are worth in any current year so just buy what you like to read and not what others say just because it is the hot thing that will be worth alot in time, because no one knows for sure until at least 50 or 100 years ahead anyway, if that comic book is still going or it is still a household name.

How do you look after your comic book collection?, I put mine in backing boards and protective covers, not for their worth but so they last slightly longer, because I like to get them out every now and then to read and look at on a rainy day.

Other people just place them in boxes under their bed or in cupboards for safe keeping, What follows is a guide for collecting comic books, not a very thorough guide but one with points that need to be done if you are serious about keeping your comic collection in check.

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Quick Guide To Collecting Comic Books - 4 Main Points


Protect your comics

1. I've already mentioned this one above but it is an important one so I'll mention it again, protect your comic book collection for value and your own sake, place them in acid free plastic sleeves with backing boards no larger than the comic book, this helps keep them rigid from the backing board and stains to a minimum whilst in their plastic bag.

2. I know this may seem silly to some, but if your collection is quite sizable, then consider insuring your collection, this could protect your investment as it were if something were to happen such as theft or something that you can claim from the insurance.

Comic books are quite personal to some and if someone stole them, then like other contents in your home you would want to get compensated for it, just make double sure that your insurance company will actually pay out, by checking the exact policies.

3. Expect to use a full room or garage for your collection, comics over the years do add up and space becomes a problem for many comic book collectors, much to the dismay of their wives or husbands who might want to use the spare room for something else.

Always try and evaluate the space in your room, add shelves, pull out drawers and other space saving furniture, because after all it's your collection so do these things.

4. Read all you can about your specific lines of comic books that you collect, most times there are other comics directly linked to the stories that you read, these could be crossovers that have other comic book characters appear in another comic just to aid the story, or there could be a new comic that you may want to pre order just in case it sells out (this has happened to me a few times and it aint nice!)

About Comic Book Collecting

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers I've been collecting for years and punishers I remember the days of collecting them comics, comic books are fantastic!

    • profile image

      ouimetholmes 8 years ago

      Hey waynet I'm ouimetholmes I want to say great job, I feel that for what it was you were trying to get across you did a good job. I too collect comic books among other things so I knew exactly of what you were talking about. Don't pay attention to adamroll13 I think he went off topic. Please keep in contact, I'd like to know if you come across any Punishers(My favorite). Bye.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom


      Yep there certainly could be more to add to this hubpage article that's for sure!!

    • adamroll13 profile image

      adamroll13 8 years ago from CAMDEN-WYOMING, DE

      Excellent hub, I would only include that some form of rough records keeping could be advisable if you are interested in trading currently. When the plan is to wait fifty years then keeping the comics in good shape is essential. You would be surprised how a twenty year old comic yellows just by taking it out of it's mylar bag once to read.