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SPARKS OF GENIUS: A Compilation of Random Thoughts & Relevant Information

Updated on April 15, 2019
Rhylee Suyom profile image

Reginaldo is an educator, a father, and a frustrated pilot. He hopes his play on words will elevate you higher and make you feel better.

Sparks of Genius

Capture these 'sparks of genius' and let the world know.
Capture these 'sparks of genius' and let the world know. | Source

Sparks of Genius: A Compilation of Random Thoughts & Relevant Information


We have experienced countless times of rare opportunities when our brains suddenly arrange words, phrases, and thoughts creating a great tapestry of a masterpiece. We are often amazed that we are capable of such feat yet we also often forget to write down, record, or keep these momentary 'sparks of genius." And when we try to recall what we had thought or said, the chance had long left us empty handed. Among these 'sparks,' I was able to capture and keep a few. Hope these spark something in you too: from one spark to another. Let the flames begin!


“While I was contemplating on the many CONTINUAL HARDSHIPS in life, I could not help but think that perhaps my Mathematics skills must be really great that the MASTER TEACHER would often give me DIFFICULT and HIGHLY COMPLICATED PROBLEMS in spite of our VERY LIMITED RESOURCES…Indeed we are jagged stones tossed in a raging river to smooth all our edges.”

[October 29, 2016 @ 8:30 am]



“Many natural calamities will surely pass and stronger ones still ahead but the true measure of our character lies in maintaining our dispositions as we go through the more destructive psychological and spiritual tempests. May we always stand firm as we brave the odds against the wiles of nature and against the dictates of our infirm hearts."

[9:30 am Oct. 16, 2016]



"When one performs his appointed duty, there is no need to beg for appreciation or recognition even much for presents or gifts. A duty is a duty; a responsibility is a responsibility. No need to pan-handle for sympathy."

"Who is a gentleman? The one who has TOTAL CONTROL over his EMOTIONS. It is not simply measured by one's language or clothes. Being a gentleman is a matter of choice."

[January 16, 2015 @ 10:12 pm]



"PESSIMISM is the worst kind of disease. It is highly contagious and can infect anybody without showing signs or symptoms. It can disable proper reasoning and sound judgment. It can totally discourage or stop a person from being better and doing the best. It is a PERSONAL CHOICE. People have the power to choose to be pessimistic or optimistic as they please. It involves personal accountability. When we choose to think negatively and opt to do the negative, we are accountable for our actions. This then proves that we have already been infected."

[May 12, 2014: Monday @ 1 pm]



1. A friendly and subjective teacher is a good teacher.

2. Intelligent people are great teachers.

3. People who look good are great teachers.

4. Eloquent people are great teachers.

5. Any combination of the 4 makes a great teacher.

Formula of Great Teachers (Mentors):

(Objectivity + High Positive Didactic ism + Sensibility + Knowledge Base + Relevant Experience + Practicality + Common Sense) Sense of Humor = MENTORING

[29 April 2014 @ 8:30 AM]



"There are numerous ways to make man happy. The degree of happiness is dependent on the perception of man of the things he has, things he do not have, and the things he may need or want. The collective experiences of man molds his view of what gives him happiness, for these experiences define his identity."

[Sept.14, 2013]



"RELATIONSHIP is a mutual, interactive, and iterative activity which provides ongoing benefits that changes the behavior toward parties involved thereby becoming uniquely different from other relationships leading to MUTUAL TRUST and LOYALTY." - C.R.M by Rogers and Peppers, 2009

NOTE: notice the word ITERATIVE...This means that relationships need to DEVELOP by providing ONGOING BENEFITS (mutually) to positively change behavior. No DEVELOPMENT, no REAL relationship... Just another make-believe association.

[June 26, 2013]



INTELLIGENT: has high score and grades

EX: Latin honors

SMART: uses skills, talents, and people connections; may or may not be INTELLIGENT.

EX: self-made successful businessmen and entrepreneurs

CLEVER: is both INTELLIGENT and VERSATILE, can assertively mingle with anyone to gain advantage.

EX: men and women who shaped history

NOTE: People often think that grades and scores make a person successful. Although quantity may prove very useful, quality should always be the priority. Intelligence is only a small part of success. How one uses intelligence is another story. Just remember not to be CUNNING while in pursuit of success.

[Nov. 17, 2009]



I have realized that when ordinary men & women become subjects in social experiment (s) that reason and critical thinking abandon them...leaving nothing but a strong sense of individualism and self-preservation...protocols are violated, education does not count, respect is scraped...leaving a person trying only to satisfy his personal motives and biased judgment...

Then suddenly behaves well when someone tells that the situation is a mere social experiment. But what if NO ONE REVEALS THE EXPERIMENT?

[July 20,2015 @ 5:15 am]



Nothing can compensate for failure in the home...and while the world affords men their greatest titles, the best and most important can be traced back in our Heavenly we call unto Him in his relational and familial title ----- FATHER.

[June 16,2017 @ 10:25 pm]



Why can't we do something really great in everyday life?

We can never ask a question that we don't know the answer to. And the ANSWER is...because we don't believe we can do it (something great) and it interferes with our agenda of our own personal addictions that define us. We never have enough time to care for anyone else other than our own emotional addictive needs.

[Sept. 15, 2012]


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