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Conspiracy Against Democracy:Egypt Under A Full Military Coup.

Updated on July 7, 2013
Mohammed Morsi, who a year ago was inaugurated as Egypt's first freely elected president, pledged to protect his 'constitutional legitimacy' with his life in an emotional televised speech
Mohammed Morsi, who a year ago was inaugurated as Egypt's first freely elected president, pledged to protect his 'constitutional legitimacy' with his life in an emotional televised speech | Source
The Anti-Morsi Protesters have stormed the headquarters of President Mohammed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood.Is this how Democracy work ?
The Anti-Morsi Protesters have stormed the headquarters of President Mohammed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood.Is this how Democracy work ?
 The Anti-Morsi Protesters loot the burnt headquarters.No wonder,it is Africa!
The Anti-Morsi Protesters loot the burnt headquarters.No wonder,it is Africa!

Mohamed,the last Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said“Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”

Sahih Muslim,Number:145.

Stand still Egyptians!

Islam under siege in Egypt.
Islam under siege in Egypt.
American hegemony!
American hegemony!
USA parachute man,Baradie
USA parachute man,Baradie

They said it was
on our foreheads
-we Africans,
no way out the circle
no way out the batches
of divisions,
of civil wars
of military coups

the West
the great looters
stands aloof
but as unique as an alien unicorn
turning eyes from military coups
feeding and baptizing
the crooked politicians
their puppets
to sell Africa cheaply in boxes and barrels
Countries from south to the north
west to the east in great disorder
havoc,riots and mass killings
are urged paid for
Comparable analog
In Egypt
A military coup
Ousted the first elected president
Obama"deeply concerned "
Guido Westerwelle
"a heavy setback for democracy "
Israel "no comment "
Espen Barth Eide and Erdogan "military coup"
African Union "suspended Egypt participating in any AU activity" .
Some Arab Gulf Monarchies
rashly blessed the coup
and the de facto government
to frighten the internal freedom fighters deliberately
so as not to shout and call for liberty

the first man in Egyptian history
ruled by the choice of the nation
Now under the siege
paying price for his solidarity with Gaza
price for cleansing the dregs
price for attempt of setting up strong pillars of a true modern government

as well as
Latin American countries
said No to American hegemony
freedom for all
justice for all
life for all
each heart is thriving for peace
That every soul seeks
That each mind needs

It is time to rethink of your own foreign policy
and get along for once
with nations
It is time to wear patience and a deep understanding
even when there is blood and crips
Calm the spirits of every domain
is your role
remember all the old empires have returned to sand
only relics remain
and curses
resonating throught history
strumming shadows
darting in dark.
This is not the right way
You are on
but the halfway to the full of eclipse
It is time to withdraw
from using food card to threaten the national Egyptian food security
from time to time
when things don't go the way you want
In the past you set a small Pharaoh on thrown
for decades
dispatching dogs
to bully to fear,
to rape to satisfy lust,
to murder
to blackmail protesters.
Now Baradei
your parachute man
who divided Iraq into sections
in Egypt
repeating the same scenario.
snatch him away otherwise the whole region blows up uncertainty
against you ,more animosity

Wake up
Your country in danger
Baradei 's pockets are full, treasury dry
Loot 'Swissed'


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    • James-wolve profile imageAUTHOR

      Tijani Achamlal 

      6 years ago from Morocco


      I dont see clouds in my sky and rain will never fall again on Egypt if Morsi remains ousted.I dont watch Aljazeera.Aljazeera is shut down.My opinion is based on many sources.I have mind and I use it.I am not easy to be taken for a ride.Don t tell me there were so many people out on the streets on Wednesday night and the atmosphere was so patriotic and there were patriotic songs ,fireworks, small kids, old men and women, people of all ages and from all backgrounds.This is what they showed you.What about the other Square ?on What measure did the army depend to oust the first elected president ?If on the number of people,There was parliament Election upcoming soon.If the opposition had 30 Million persons as they claimed,they should have gone to elections,If they won,They would be able and rightful to change Morsi and constitution.They dont want democracy,They are what they called remnants of Mubarak regime.Besides ,can you tell me why they shut down the Islamic channels ,Aljazeera and arrest the leaders of Brotherhood? Is this how Democracy works in USA ?Do they do the same there ? Your foreign policy is contradictory ?You really dont want Democracy not only in Arab world but in the third world as well.

      Economy was fine.The old regime did it deliberatly to provoke people against Morsi.How can you explain the next day of Military coup that the stocks in Cairo rose by 7% .This is really a rotten old trick.I know how Egyptians think.They are childish, boastful and stubborn.They dont swallow the defeat easily.They curse everyone that goes against them.We Moroccans are matured politicallyand socially.Something funny,Everytime we defeat them in soccer in their countryt,they stoned and cursed our players and when they come to play here in Morocco,we warmly welcome them.Egyptians unfortunatly think only in the moment.When the opposition failed politically to defeat Morsi,The army suggested on the opposition that to use them as a decoy so as to oust Morsi.This is the mentality of the Africans.My friend!

      Besides, It’s a Zionist Plot! Adly Mansour is Jewish. Once he approached the Coptic Pope in an effort to move closer to Christianity, but was refused a baptism. He belongs to Seventh Day Adventist Christian, which it re-classified as a Jewish sect.

    • James-wolve profile imageAUTHOR

      Tijani Achamlal 

      6 years ago from Morocco

      Sir Martin,

      I gather information from many sources and I ve been observing the events in Egypt since the first revolution and I can say I know what s going on there.

      Have a wonderful day there!

    • James-wolve profile imageAUTHOR

      Tijani Achamlal 

      6 years ago from Morocco

      Ganna Essam,

      It is a full-blown military coup. The military are using the people as an excuse to remove a democratically elected president. They have pushed the people to the streets so that they can gain power.

      When Egyptians revolted against Mubarak,They were like predator and the Army institution was like Lizard.If the Army sticked to Mubarak,They all of them will be eaten up,so smartly they gave to the predator only the tail.The predator jumped on the tail and ate it.They thought that the corruption is destroyed.but the Lizard has grown up new tail.Nothing has been changed.I think now the real revolution is started because the corrupted people and those who benefit from the old regime have come to the surface!

      Besides,we dont know better than African Union when they called it Military coup.They know all the tricks that Army use to justify their actions.It s Africa my friend! lol

    • James-wolve profile imageAUTHOR

      Tijani Achamlal 

      6 years ago from Morocco


      Thanks so much for your insight.

      Have a wonderful Sunday!

    • cleaner3 profile image


      6 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      James.. we can argue... but what is the point... we both see the clouds, but you say it will soon rain.... and I say it will pass for a sunny day. So i am not saying I am right .. and I am not saying you are wrong... but please stick to the facts not some Al-Jeezera propaganda, the reality of the situation, The economy is shot in Egypt and the majority of the people wanted a change, that is the facts, so blame it on George Bush already and lets let this pass for the Egyptian people need our prayers .. not our inane arguments.. which neither side will agree who is right .. remember ..There is no secret ingredient..!

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      An emotion packed poem. You must have some ties toward this.

    • Ganna Essam profile image

      Ganna Essam 

      6 years ago

      I think you are misunderstanding this situation cause it's completely not a military coup, it's a revolution that was made by Egyptians

      Egyptians protested till they oust mohamed morsy as he proved to be a failure. It's our will and we did it. Army supported our will to maintain security in the country

    • Isaac White profile image


      6 years ago from Welcome to my beautiful world, where magic is no longer a myth.

      Truer words.

      I. White


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