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A Dreamer's Dreams

Updated on August 7, 2017

I've seen a miracle manifest to misfortune, turn the table on those blessings bring searched. Determined people lose there devotion due to diligent duress . I refuse to move this mountain to further the name of progress . A look into the past days shows were doomed to relapse. Take the light, the dark ,the hopeless and hopeful show them there's another way. Take the constant and the inconsistent show them we are all the same..

I long to be as the paint on the tapestry essential to the bigger picture. A work of art to always to be remembered delivers deliverance in each and every sentence. I feel the pain you feel I know that it's real the emotions swarm like oceans so can't help but to steal the seats an artist you will be isn't that the dream?

© 2017 Krysta Weeks


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