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A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken 3

Updated on October 17, 2014

Chapter Three- Perfectly Suspicious

It was storming. Rain struck my window as if it were trying its hardest to get to me and reel me into its sadness. It was early morning as I watched the angry grey clouds consume the happy blue skies. The sun had barely risen before the dreary rain decided to take over it's beautiful day. Sort of how Luke decided to take over, trying to wiggle his way in before my parents' sheets were even cold. The day my brother was discharged from the hospital was the same day my supposed godfather moved in. Of course his bags and things had already been packed and ready before coming down from Washington, or at least that's where he said he was from. It seemed to appease the lawyers. As for me, I didn't believe anything that slithered past those full lying lips of his. I knew better than to trust anyone who wasn't my little brother. Hell, I don't even trust that flirty attorney who touched and smiled at Luke like she was just dying to be Mrs. Lying Luke Walker. It didn't matter that she used to be my dad's lawyer; as far as I'm concerned Miss Gloria Peck was just another name added to my TO Watch list. This thing with Luke Walker just happened a little too easily for my liking. It was all too suspicious if you asked me.

I turned over on my other side, telling the rain to "eff off" by giving it my back. Snoring softly beside me was Danny. Every since he came home from the hospital, with a bag full of inhalers, he hadn't left my side. He even sat on the bathroom floor reading while I showered; right outside of it if I was using the toilet. It was a little annoying, not being able to have time to myself, but how could I blame him? He was terrified that I was going to disappear like my mom and dad had. And besides I didn't much care to leave him all alone either, especially with Mr. Suspicious living under our roof.

I looked over at the yellow apple clock that sat on my bedside table. It was seven twenty two, I'd been up for a good three hours now. I would like to say that four in the morning was a time that I was used to getting up at but I would only be fooling myself. Every since my parents went missing it has been hard trying to sleep. I'd stay up late, only falling asleep when I could no longer keep my eyes open, then wake up one or two hours later with my heart beating out of my chest. Sleep avoided me like the plague, or was I avoiding it? Either way now that I was up I wasn't going back to sleep. I sighed as I pulled the covers off me, careful not to wake my sleeping brother. I tried letting him sleep as much as I could because he was almost having as hard a time going to sleep as I was. He'd been crying himself to sleep in my arms every night for the whole week he's been home, almost an hour every time. The first night...I cried with him. But after he fell asleep, I vowed that that would be the last time I grieved. My parents were alive somewhere and I would find them.

I was slow on starting my plans. It was hard seeing as though Luke was always there asking questions. What are you doing? Where are you going? When will you be back? As if he had a right to know. He even had someone tailing me. Every time I left the house a ash grey Mercedes pulled behind me a block away from the mansion. I tried going in the other direction but he had someone waiting there too. But today I was going to out smart him. I had a few tricks of my own up my sleeve.

I padded my way to my on suit bathroom, heated floors cuddling my feet as I walked acrossed it to the shower. Steaming hot droplets pelted my skin, a reminder that my life was slowly going under fire and I was the only one that could bring it back from the pits of hell. The shower gave me time to think, to put my mind back together after the fog it's been going through in the past week. I was going to start putting my plans into action today, the rain could pose a problem but I couldn't allow it to defer my mission any further. Seven days was all the time I was willing to wait. Besides, what was a better hiding place than being in the middle of a summer storm?

As soon as I left the bathroom my phone began to chime. It was a chime I knew well, one that was distinct for that person and that person only and one that I had been trying to ignore for the past week and a half. He called once the news hit about my missing parents, I ignored him the first time and everyday since. Wyette, was a good guy. He only called once and if I didn't answer he didn't call again until the next day. I guessed he was waiting me out, hoping one of these times he called I would be feeling better. It was as if he was calling just to say, "Hey I'm here for you. But, you know, no pressure." I smiled at the thought. It was too bad I had to let him go, I couldn't bare to drag him into whatever it was that I was willingly about to dive in. Danger, was all that awaited me, I couldn't be pining after a boy while my mom and dad were in trouble. I hated to do it but I pressed silent on my chiming phone.

"Who was that?" Came a tired voice from my bed.

My brother was sitting up now, my phone having woke him. His curly brown hair was bed raggeled and there were marks on his light brown skin from the print on my frilly pillows.

I smiled at him as he turned questioning green eyes on me. Going over to sit beside him on my bed I evaded his question with one of my own.

"Well good morning. How did you sleep?" I asked ruffling his hair.

"Fine I guess. I didn't have a bad dream this time, if that's what you're asking."

I laughed a little, he was too smart for me sometimes. Which would be good for the day they were going to have. Hell, the kind of year the were going to have! Two! Maybe more!

"Are you okay?" He asked with a worried look on his babyish features.

"Yea, I'm fine sweety. Why?"

"Because first you were smiling and then you were frowning."

"Not frowning, just thinking. Now why don't you head to the shower while I go and get you some clothes from your room."

"You don't have to do that anymore. I brought two of my drawers in here yesterday and put them in your closet."

"Really? When did you do that? You were with me all day."

"It was one of those times when you were taking a long time on the toilet."

I probably would have burst out laughing if I wasn't so surprised. "Oh." Was all I could manage for that business and moved on. "Well hurry up then, we're going out on an adventure today."

"Cool. Wait, but it's raining."

"Oh, who cares. What's an adventure without a little rain anyway. Just hurry up before I change my mind."

As Danny rushed off to the shower I couldn't help but worry if this attachment to me would be problematic. He was worrying so much that he didn't even want me to leave him to go across the hall. He was sticking to me like glue. But when I really thought about it, it was probably best. Because by the this time next year, if the police hadn't found my parents or at the very least solved the case, it was going to be my turn.

Down in the kitchen I made me and Danny a breakfast of toast, bacon, eggs and grits; I figured we would need a hearty meal for what was to come. I ate quickly, finished in five minutes and then proceeded to pack snacks, juice boxes, water and sandwiches into my brother's ninja turtle book bag. Along with an extra pair of clothes for us both. I sat back down with Danny, sipping black coffee as I waited for him to finish eating. Kids always took forever. My back was to the kitchen door but I could tell when he came in without him having to make a peep. I knew he was there because every time Luke entered a room every hair on my body would suddenly stand at attention.

"Good morning!" He chimed, annoyingly chipper.

I grumbled a half hearted morning as I continued to drink my coffee while my brother completely ignored him. He'd been doing it since he first met Luke. Actually he didn't talk to anyone but me, which I took as a good sign. No trust given, no one to smash it into pieces when shit hit the fan.

"So what's for breakfast? It smells good in here." Luke said, keeping up that happy tone.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever you fix would be my guess." I answered in my most annoyed voice. I'd made damn sure that I only made enough food for Danny and I. Legally Luke had to be here but that didn't mean that I had to make him feel welcome.

He signed. "Well at least you made enough coffee. You know," he started, as I heard him rummaging through our cabinets, "it wouldn't hurt for you guys to be a little bit nicer to me. I'll be here for a while and there's really no need for all the hostility. I'm not your enemy, I'm your friend."

Wow that was the biggest lie yet.I thought to myself. Who was he kidding? No friends that she knew of would put tails on each others cars, only enemy's did that.

As soon as my brother forked his last bite of grits in his mouth, I grabbed up all our dishes, threw them in the sink and tossed Danny his rain coat all within seconds. I slid on my own jacket and hat before sliding the book bag onto one of my shoulders. Quickly we headed to the garage door that sat on the left wall of our kitchen, hoping Mr. Suspicious would let me leave this time without asking me any questions.

"Where are you two off to on an ugly day like this? It's pouring."

I huffed, and turned around. "Out, we'll be fine. It's really not raining that bad it was worse earlier. Bye." I turned back around and didn't bother answering when Luke yelled out to us, "You still didn't tell me where you're going." Like it was any of his business. I opened the garage and we were out of there!

Instead of turning once I got to the end of my drive and out of our gates I kept going strait. Right into the somewhat dense woods that surround my neighborhood. I slowly crept my car through the trees, only stopping when I was sure my car couldn't be spotted from the road.

"What are you doing, Dana?"

"I told you, little brother, we're going on an adventure. Now, do you have your inhaler?"

He checked his poket. "Yep."

"Good now lets go have an adventure, shall we?"

He smiled and nodded, pulling his hood up over his head. "I'm ready."

Please tune in next week for another installment of A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken!


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