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A Date With The Night Sky

Updated on February 10, 2016


Another long , tiring day comes to an end

And there she comes once again;

Dressed in her dazzling black gown,

Sparkling with diamonds and pearls.

She stands still

Gazing at me with lovestruck eyes;

A little smile illuminates her sweet face

And I, too spellbound by her magic;

stand speechless,

Just staring at her mesmerising beauty.

She says nothing,

Neither do I;

But in that moment of time,

We shared this wonderful magic.

As though the world had come to a stop;

As though the clock had stopped ticking;

And I never knew a feeling more beautiful than this,

It felt like bliss.

In that moment, I saw a shooting star;

And all i could wish for;

Was to just stand there

And gaze at the beautiful stars.


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