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A Day In School

Updated on August 25, 2015

The day began as it usually does. After reaching school and finally getting rid of the heavy bag, I went out of the class to meet with my friends. Soon the bell rang and the teachers ushered the groups of children inside, like a flock of hens who keep escaping, trying to run around free. So anyway, after we’re in and settled, the studies start and all of us barely get through the first five periods. Then comes the break. Everyone runs out of the class as soon as the teacher leaves and I sigh. Why does life have to be so damn boring? I yawn and take out my lunch box and open it. The usual. The routine that life has been following for all of my life is agonizingly boring. True, there are some changes, some surprises that lift everyone’s spirits but even those surprises haven’t come for a while now. No school outings, no parties with friends, not even any good movies. Before I can start eating my lunch, my friends gather around me and snatch my lunch out of my hands.

“What?” I snap. I’m really not in the mood for all this teasing.

“We’re going somewhere!” says Shanaya in a sing song voice. Does she always have to be so hyper?

“I’m not going anywhere. Just leave me alone.” I say and flop into my seat.

“You are coming with us. That’s final.” And no matter how much I protested she draged me away. Our school is huge. And there is this one building in which we are not allowed. We can go up to the seventh floor but the ninth and tenth floors are out of bounds. That’s where she drags me to. Being on the first floor, I am totally reluctant to climb so many stairs. And on top of that that place is out of bounds. And what she’s making me do is WRONG. She keeps pushing me to do reckless stuff and be dauntless. And I keep pushing her to be careful. But this time she wins as she pushes me up the stairs.

“We shouldn’t be here!” I say frantically, all of my earlier sleepiness forgotten.

“Doesn’t matter! We’re doing this!”

“All right tell me what are you going to get once we get there?” I try to reason with her. I’m dripping with sweat as we carry on climbing.

“The thrill. And all that doesn’t matter anyway. We’re almost there.”

I sigh but continue climbing. There’s no use arguing with her. She won’t let me go. I contemplate running away but I know it’s worthless. She’s faster than me, and there’s no way she’d let me get away. So I keep on heaving myself up. After doing more exercise than I’ve done in my life, probably, we finally reach the end of the damned staircase. Shanaya is still bubbly and brimming with excitement as she pushes the door open.

I sigh in relief as cool air hits me with full force. Hard work pays off, even though I’ve done more work than I like.

“See, it was worth it!” she jumps to the end of the terrace and looks down. “Whoo!” she shouts.

“Shut up!” I hiss as fear flows through me but her excitement is contagious. I start laughing as I join her and look down. “This is so amazing!” she shouts again but I don’t tell her to shut up this time. I enjoy with her. Our school is located in the centre of the city, and from this height, we can see everything. The roofs of countless house spread beneath me, far ahead I see the mall and the surrounding market, even the metro. On the other side of the roof, the rest of the school and more houses come into view. But I hesitate going there as anyone could see us from there. After spending a considerate amount of time there, I drag Shanaya down. She’s the reluctant one this time but I manage to get her down, where we’re supposed to be. All the while I was scared that someone will see us here and we’ll get caught but no one does. No one says anything, even if they did see us. And there is no way anyone could’ve seen us from up there, and provided that we all have to wear identical uniforms, even our clothes couldn’t give us away. I go through all this once we’re back in class and realize how stupid all of me fears were. What we did was probably wrong and maybe we could’ve gotten into trouble, but the point is that we didn’t. And I had fun. Something I really needed to do. Maybe we’ll come up here again, maybe we won’t get a chance but I will always remember this day. All that matters is the present, something which all of us are losing as each second passes by. We should enjoy it while we can. I did and I don’t have any regrets.


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