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A Delicate Balance.

Updated on January 2, 2010

A Delicate Balance.




Love often sits on a fence,
in this Humpty-Dumpty world,
leaning towards falling for another,
or simply tumbling into the pain
of loneliness as your heart collapses,
simply a balloon deflating into a
shriveled empty pink mass.

I was that dizzy,
top of the world guy,
when she first breathed hello,
tinged with a smile,
brighter then a horizontal
fingernail moon.

Kisses like white chocolate
melted on our lips,
nothing sweeter was ever known.
We danced through days,
and snuggled through nights,
Siamese twins joined by passion,
till one who was intent on
disrupting my gravity
pushed hard at separating me
from the wonder of her eyes.

He swept her off her feet,
offering her materialistic things
I was unable to at the time,
till she was caught up in the
whirl of tickets, fine dining,
fancy cars, and money talking.

When love becomes
abandoned for greed,
it takes on a cheap sadness,
and I was left broken by the
other side of the wall
she erected to shield herself
from the pain of my eyes.

Somewhere way back in time
there lies the pieces
of just the shell of what was.
But in the puddles that have
long since dried,
both of tears
and of the essence
of a perfect love broken,
there lies a sunny side up
version of what
will always be the remnants
of my long ago mourn.



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