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A Demonic Humanity- A poem of dark insight and oppression

Updated on March 30, 2013

A Demonic Humanity- Living in the eyes of a tormented soul

Chains have indented my ankles from clamping forever

And yet it seems like yesterday I saw my freedom

Yet it was only a drink of water, a moment of courtesy

A genuine smile met with a thank portraying gratitude

It was the trait that labeled humanity a symbol to believe in

That had become a shadow people fear to step into

It seems like only weeks ago, people would greet casual in peace

Now a grunt, a shy glimpse at the very least

Why has all this come to be

What fades as a whole once called humanity

My eyes have been scarred; strained to judge with distaste

Been down the dark alleys; seen the truth of lies face

I've heard the misfortune that rings the ears of the damned

I've danced in the blood that became the earths sand

The constant sacrifice, the meld and twists of pain and treat

The very birthstone granting path, the very ground beneath our feet

It's when we forget what and when recognized

It's when our lives feel constrained by lies

It's living in puppeteers skin, painted forever with that fake big grin

It's what portrayed in the face, while what's inside is blind in place

It's the tombstone we chisel, the future we bring

The angel's that shut nightmares with hopes voice they can sing

It's when the dark and the light mold and bend

And label eternity, the day, tomorrow, and the future we spend.


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