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A Different Flow

Updated on December 12, 2011

Lets try a different flow

to change up the mood.

Of the usual way I go

which normally ends up good.

I could write it like this

and let my words pour out.

From my brain through my wrist,

I'll be wondering what's it all about.

No restrictions, discarding any rule;

My heart and mind break free.

In my hand a pen used as a tool

Writing my heart out, this is my plea.

Let it be, leave it natural,

There will be no corrections.

My gears are grinding on an axle,

Words coming from all directions.

With this new form of thought

I see the heavens from a pew.

Appreciating what I've got,

From a new point of view.

And through this flow I express

Thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

That would otherwise be a mess

Like pollution in the oceans.


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