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A Dream in time

Updated on July 2, 2011

The leaves were green, untouched by the emissions of carbon and smoke
that raised red flags of hopelessness and despair. The cobblestone
walkways and horse drawn chariots walking aimlessly down the street as
if there wasn't a care in the world. This was a time of economic
prosperity and joyous sovereignty, a time when enlightened despots
actually helped their citizens. The soldiers that had walked through
the street, their red suits and furry long hats nothing more than
decoration displaying the oriented manner of the royal family.

England was the place to be, the long winding roads that led through
London, Big Ben standing tall in the timeless might of the centuries
that were to pass it by. The docks were even more of a sight to
behold, the many ships that docked in it's ports, from the colonies of
North America to the Asian countries that brought gifts of porcelain
and spices. The smell of coffee from South America and Morocco wafted
through the narrow alleys leading to the coffee shops that shaped the
creative minds of the rebellious few.

Although there was freedom here however, there were also rumor of a
large war on the horizon, rumors of opium trafficking from pirates
around the French coast and on over the Indian sub continent. There
was also rumors trickling from the colonies across the Atlantic about
disarray and fighting over tea taxes, although no one was sure why the
colonists were not happy with the royal support given to them, those
idiots. All in all however, this was the place to be, a town
surrounded by the greenest countryside and surrounded by semi blue
waters, well maybe not that blue.

Boom...what was that...? I said with a half asleep tone, trying to
wipe the night crackles from my eyes. A book had been pushed over by
a rat, probably one of the ones that had infected my entire family,
those damn things, everyone is dying because of them. I dream of
crazy things, there are more important matters to attend too, i have
to pack my sack and move to Bohemia, maybe it's safer from the cursed
disease there.


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    • profile image

      jami l. pereira 6 years ago

      Voted up and awesome , cool write ! thanks for sharing :)