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A Drug Called FAME

Updated on July 29, 2015

A Drug Called FAME


A Drug called FAME

A Drug called FAME

Today the whole City knows my NAME.
Yet yesterday was so DARK I never had a penny
In my pocket.
They scream my name at concerts in towns
and countries I can not even speak their language.
I am surrounded by all these beautiful people.
I own everything I EVER dreamed of, Exotic Cars
And Land around the World.
Yet it is all happening to fast.
I forgot to be thankful.
I can not remember the last time I said a PRAYER
And thanked God for all that I GOT.....
This seems as though it is too good to be TRUE...

These GIRLS are so Pretty.
They want me yet, they are so EASY.......
Paranoia creeps on my reality.
Do these ladies REALLY love me or
Are they in it for the FUN and freebies?.......

I slept in a DREAM and woke UP in a NIGHTMARE.

Goes straight to head like a bullet.
I feel it in the blood of my veins, a shot like
My confidence only lasts until my next fix.
Word on the street is that I blew 35 grand on
cocaine last weekend.

Maybe it is TIME to check myself into REHAB?
What will my Family say?
What will the Media Print?
Will the Fans stop buying my Records?

What did I wish for, FAME?
I am afraid to PRAY, I have not spoken to GOD
In so LONG.......

Time passes.....
Yet the world is not the same..
Do they still remember ME?
Have they forgotten ME?
Am I still your Hero?
What happened to all my MONEY?
Where are the pretty Girls, at one TIME
It seemed it was true when they said they would
LOVE me forever.

The Record Label wants another Studio Album
before they can give me an advance!
The creative juices are not fruity and flowing.
I can not afford to go back to the drugs,
We all know where that will LEAD Me.
Besides I can not afford the DRUGS I am

A Drug called FAME


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