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A Fatalistic Approach.

Updated on May 7, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.


Fatalistic Approach.

Death grinned
at me today
with a red slash
mixed with
an aluminum blur
at 97 miles an hour
as he cut in front
of my Le Sabre
forcing me to parry

his aggressive attack

and leaving my

brakes squealing
like a cheap violin
followed by swerving
loud cursing
and my saluting the
interloper with
a single digit
thrust out my window
at his vanishing
rear view
while other brassy horns 
played a medley 
between the breaks 
behind me.

A  garden of 
single fingers blossomed 
out of numerous fists 
in a bouquet 
presented to me?? 
as an encore
to my pause in 
the steady flow of traffic
while the guilty 
assinine, moron
with double ice guard
never saw  the angst
that was due him 
as he cut and 
maniacally wove his way 
through  a cloud of 
exhausted tempers 
with his eyes glaring 
daggers at any 
who dared to 
impede him.

Centered somewhere 

close in the midst 
of all this havoc 
death grinned at me 
his skull shining 
in the hot july sun 
and his cruel 
visage winking 
off the chrome bumpers 
of the cars left 
all around me 
Death snubbed me
on that day
at the particuliar minute
as his next statistic
but he  soon 
enough found
another impatient
and wreckless

disciple who would 
mesh two vehicles
into twisted, smoking  ruins 
and who would turn  
unsuspecting flesh
into hamburger scraped and 
spilled across 
the concrete.... 
Daily Road rage
that is directed against 
far more considerate 
and careful drivers
causes near misses of
vehicular homicide
just like this one 
far too often
across thousands 
of highways
Of course 

I noticed
as I restarted 
my journey
that all of the 

suddenly more 

alert drivers 
to the rear of me 
passed  by me  
in a parade 
of disgust 
huffing and puffing 
and flinging  
ugly glances my way 
as I become a 
false target 
for the cause of 
their delays.
This wasn't my first 
rodeo where I faced
angry horsepower 
seeking to eject me
through a window 
from my secure seating
and I know there 
will be many more

but today I 
barely escaped
another demon of 
death's fatalistic 

and continued my 
life's journey. 
Be alert out there 
or be hurt
and Godspeed
to you all  on 
your passages
across death's favorite
stomping ground.
================(  O   O  )
                 \   ^   /                                                ^       /

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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