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A Giants Path 4: Discovering The Truth

Updated on January 30, 2011
Sleeping Giant Helena Montana
Sleeping Giant Helena Montana
A unique grouping of hills near Roddickton Canada that resemble a sleeping giant.
A unique grouping of hills near Roddickton Canada that resemble a sleeping giant. | Source

How Nicole Responded.

Kent pulled into his drive way, came to a stand still, then put the car in park. Before he could turn off the motor the children flew into the house to tell their mother all that had transpired. Kent smiled because it was better this way. Josh and Elizabeth would be able to keep it in the realm of excitement. Kent was excited about their find as well, but expected his wife would be skeptical, and most likely, have reservations, and rightly so. This must be thought through. This is not a time for impulsive behavior.

Plus, he was a little reluctant to tell her himself, he knew that once she found out how close the children came to being hurt, he would have some explaining to do. This was one of Kent's downfalls, He would get lost in his own thoughts. His wife Nicole, had expressed concern over this many times, particularly as it related to his oversight of his children. This was the first time however, that anyone could have gotten hurt. Giant or no giant, he blew it and he knew it. He wasn't looking forward to accounting for his negligence.

Nicole was a gracious and beautiful woman. A loving mother and a devoted wife. In her early forties, thin, with young looking features that made her look 30 at most. Jet black hair with slight streaks of gray. The only indication one had of her real age.

She listened intently as the children recounted every exciting moment of the adventure. In her hand she held a cup of hot coffee. So thrilling was the children's account that she hadn't managed a sip during the entire recital. More then once she had started to lift the cup to her mouth but would fall short, returning the cup back to the table as some fantastic detail would quench her thirst.

When they were finished she remained silent, not knowing what to say. She was in shock. She had been bombarded by a myriad of emotions. Every so often during the telling, she looked to Kent for a nod of confirmation. Especially when they came to the part about going back into the cave alone.

Kent found himself holding his breath anxiously. His next steps depended on her reaction. She could make his investigation easy or impossible. From his perspective this giant was the single most amazing thing that has ever happened to the family. They needed to get to the bottom of it. He nervously tried to read his wife's face and body language. It was like riding a roller coaster. He often found himself in this place, being sensitive to her raised eyebrows or folded arms. trying to read her mind looking for clues to her thoughts. Her expressions went from pure amazement, to complete horror, to relief, and then back to amazement, then back to horror. By the time the story was finished she knew everything Kent and the children knew. However he wasn't at all sure what she was going to do.

Nicole set back in her chair without saying a word. It is times like these that you discover how loud silence can be. His eyes watched the steam from her coffee slowly drift away into the air, disappearing as it distanced itself from the cup. She picked it up and took a sip. A long slow sip. Allowing the savor to help clear her head. Her eyes were fixed on some formless thing on the floor as she sorted it all out. Her expression gave no discernible hint as to how she would react. The suspense was killing him and his paranoia was starting to get the better of him.

Kent was about to pry a response from her when she spoke. "How soon can we get back up there!" She looked Kent straight in the eyes her smile conveyed complete wonder and excitement.

Kent nearly fainted. He was unable to conceal his relief. " I...I'm not sure," he said with a stutter, "I need to read those journals."

"Well, can't we go back up Saturday, just to take a look around?" She asked, "It will take us an awful long time to sort those journals out."

"I suppose we could", answered Kent. His tone communicated happy anticipation. It would be nice to have a proper look around that cave. All right, next Saturday it is! Upon hearing those words both children shouted Booyaa! Giving each other hi-fives and knuckle bumps. In the mean time, I intend to get started on those journals.

Kent was feeling better every second. Nicole had surprised him, He did not expect her to be so enthusiastic. No lecture? No words of caution? Then as if waking from a dream he suddenly realized that Nicole used the word us. "It will take "us" months to sort out those journals." He was touched! It made all the difference knowing she would be on board. She was often Kent's practical side. There had been times when she shattered great and elaborate schemes rashly conceive in his mind with one word of truth. He tended to be a visionary forgetting that the Devil is in the details. She kept him grounded.

She was right of course, Granddad's journals would be a major undertaking. There were several to sort through. Each hundreds of pages thick. He had been considering the magnitude of that endeavor and was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Having her help would mean everything to him. But even with her help the project could literally take years

Although the journals were written in story form, 25 years is a lot to cover with someone like Granddad. He loved to journal. Not all his entries were about the giant named Clarence. Many were simply written records of events that caught his attention. Others were his musings on the beauty of the flora, wildlife or landscape. Some were simply an account of the work he and Clarence had accomplished that day. It would be their task to sort through and find those entries that were relevant to Clarence and giants in general. This required reading every page of every journal. Kent wasn't sure how long it would take.

He had attempted this once before, but his heart wasn't in it. However, the discovery of a real giant changed everything. It made him see the journals and his Grandfather in a totally different light. These journals were no longer oddities of his creative nature but actual historic records. They suddenly had value beyond sentiment. They were a guide into what was sure to become the Morgan family's future. This time he couldn't wait to get started.

A Letter From Granddad

The Journals had spent the last 5 years stored away in the attic. Getting them down was a major undertaking. Kent felt guilty for letting the attic get so piled up. So he jumped right on the problem by making the kids clean the attic. Of course, he helped too.

They were kept in 5 air tight metal containers. There were a total of 25 journals, one for each year. Kent's father had kept them just as he had found them at Granddad's house. The containers were especially well made with covers designed to preserve the documents with in. Granddad kept all his Journals this way. However, once he converted them into a book he would simply discard those journals that he no longer needed. Satisfied that he had retrieved all useful material from their pages. This is one of the reasons these journal were such a surprise when they were found. It was believed that he had converted all his journals into books.

Once the Journals were down from the attic, both children asked to be dismissed before they were forced to do more work. With a nod from Kent they dashed off glad to be free at last. Kent placed the last metal box on the living room floor. All five were now positioned on the floor in front of him. Each Metal box had a label indicating what years the journals within covered. The first had a label that read 1901-1905, the second 1906-1911 and so they all were labeled. Kent went to the oldest set of 5 and pulled the first journal labeled 1901. Fortunately each page had been numbered so he went to last page; 549 pages. He went to 1902; 850 pages it was one of the larger volumes. Kent had expected this. He knew from his last attempt that Granddad had found Clarence that year. As he and Nicole thumbed through the journals each was between six and eight hundred pages. Both became overwhelmed at the task before them.

It was at this moment that Nicole noticed something peculiar about the last metal box. containing the years 1922-1927. Neither of them had taken noticed of it before. It was taller then the others by about a 2 inches. Yet the journals, which were stacked standing up inside the box, were the same in size as the journals in the other containers. Never the less, they appeared to be as tall as the container. She went over and flipped them upside down, lifting the carton off the volumes emptying all its content onto the floor. Curiously, they discovered a large binder that had been laying flat at the bottom of the box hidden from view. In it was a hand written note along with a typed manuscript, several hundred pages of what looked to be an unpublished work. On the title page was written, " A Giant's Path. By Eugene and Clarence Morgan.

Kent and Nicole did not know what to make of this. Did Clarence help write these Journals? That would explain the difference in hand writing. How about his last name? Was Clarence and Granddad related? Surely not, how could that be?

Bewildered Kent picked up the hand written note and read it through silently. As he read it, he sat down on the floor in front of the sofa. As he began to comprehend what he was reading, he was flooded by emotions of pride, gratitude, love and respect for his Grandfather, he leaned back against the sofa put his hands over his face trying hard not to weep. With out saying a word, he rose from the floor handed the note to Nicole then went to his room trying unsuccessfully to collect himself. Nicole knew that Kent was very sentimental. Especially so when it came to his family.

Looking the note over briefly before attempting to read it. She noted not for the first time, what wonderful handwriting Granddad had. His cursive was unusually easy to read and was almost artistic to look at. She had tried her hand a few times to learn calligraphy and knew how hard it was to master. Granddad's handwriting was not as ornate but still very beautiful. The paper he had written on was plain white paper. The same paper that he had typed the manuscript on. The fact that he had a typewriter and was very comfortable using it, made this hand written note very personal. Indeed Granddad intended it to be so for the letter was written specifically to Kent.

Dear Kent

By the time you find this manuscript, I will no longer be walking the giant's path, but will have found my rest. I know this because I intend to keep this last manuscript unpublished. Hidden away. It is my most important work, unless I have greatly over estimated, it should prove to be very valuable to you in every way. The world needs to know of our existence. Most of my brothers have been found now, and those that remain will have most likely fallen pray to the falling. The Giants Path is a part of my legacy to you. It is the truth of who I am, and in turn, who you are. I have spent a my life learning to be a man. A man, as he was originally intended to be. It is my deepest hope that you and all of my decedents will be able to learn from my sufferings. Your humanity has come at great cost to me. It is essential that you and your children's, children's, children know the truth. That you not squander my gift to you. For if you ignore the lessens I pass down, you may find yourself asleep in some dark cave, dead to the world, alone, and forgotten. Unable to wake up.

I love your father, he is a good person. But he has made some decisions that keep me from entrusting him with this legacy. He has a giant's ambition. He wants more than he has been given. He has not shown an interest in the things of my master as you have. Even though you are young, I can see His hand upon you. I fear your father will use this manuscript simply for his carnal appetite. Do not think me judgmental, but I know my son. Despite my best efforts, I fear a cave may be in his future.

You must know, if you have not already sensed it, that you are not your own and that you are being watched. Not by men or giant, but by Him who has made all things. By Him who gave me life. He has given me a gift Kent, and I pass this gift on to you. I have asked him to be with you as He has been with me. He has given me His word. He will do as I have asked. As He loved me, He will love you. So sure of this am I, that I have not told a soul of this manuscript or even of these journals. For I am sure He will lead you to them when the time is right. This he has promised and I rest in His word. He is my true legacy Kent. He was my gift. Without Him, I would not have completed the giant's path. I would have fallen asleep long before I found its end.

I did not publish this work myself because it is deeply personal in nature. I am vulnerable when I speak of my past. It brings out the giant in me. He died long ago. I will not resurrect him.  Apart of being a man is knowing your limitations. It keeps you humble and teaches you to turn to Him who is greatest. I am old Kent, far older then anyone realizes. I no longer have the strength to challenge this world. I have learned my limitations. It is best if I allow you, my descendant, to make my story known.

Go well my son. Know that I have thought of you. You are in my heart, Especially now,as my journey comes to an end.

I wish you to publish this last work of mine exactly as you find it here. I have kept the journals because I suspect they can be of use to validate the authenticity of this manuscript. Should their be any question as to my authorship.

Lastly, Clarence is gone now. I wish him to be remembered. He is as much apart of me as you are. Make sure he is recognized as my co-author. I would have it no other way. The publishers are going to give you a hard time about this. You must insist. Clarence was real and deserves credit. Honor me, as I wish to honor him.

I love you, in this life and in the next. Keep to the path! Never leave a cave unexplored! Watch for giants! May your joy awaken them from their slumber and may you be the light that our Lord uses to draw them from their caves.

With loving confidence, your Granddad

Eugene Morgan.


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    • Abrushing1968 profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Rushing 

      7 years ago from USA- Florida

      Thanks Lifegate.

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      7 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Good job, both of you!

    • LVN profile image


      7 years ago from Bellevue, Washington

      You're welcome, it was fun.

    • Abrushing1968 profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Rushing 

      7 years ago from USA- Florida

      I want to take a moment and say thank you to LVN my beloved sister who helped me brain storm for this addition of the Giants Path. She has been a real source of encouragement and inspiration. Thanks Sis

      She is new here at Hubpages. You can find her profile at page


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