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Beginning a Lead Story Part 1

Updated on March 10, 2018
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Jacqueline is a published author. Among her many books are: "Wait Until Autumn," "Threads of a Tapestry" and "Simply Living Godly."


When writing a lead story for a series, establish your main character and the particular goal s/he wishes to accomplish. This pilot story may be the introduction to a romance, an adventure or a tragedy. It is imperative to explore various techniques that will give your readers the enticement to read further. Therefore, don't reach your prime goal until the end of the series. Each story should guide the reader down a path to the finale.

Decide early whether your series is a two-part or more elaborate. Then try outlining each individual story in the series to ensure the flow of the entire narrative. Well thought out characters both likable and irritating add authenticity to a tale. Using descriptive adjectives aids the readers in identifying your protagonist and antagonist.

The following example shows how to introduce your main character(s) and what the proposed outcome that individual wishes to achieve.

A Lady hungry for adventure ...
A Lady hungry for adventure ...

Like a sunset on a cool autumn evening, Mia Lindstrom stands at the top rung of the special commuter plane with her golden tresses hidden from the gentle breeze by an enormous fur hood. The sunlight reflecting on that gentle face resembles a halo. This is the first thing you notice about Mia, her incredibly beautiful face. The second thing you notice is her poise. The woman is at least six feet tall and she carries the height like a Scandinavian princess.

Mia is the daughter of tycoon Thad (Thaddeus) Lindstrom who from humble beginnings in Sweden creates a global empire that spans Hong Kong, Paris, Rome, London, Canada and the United States. Thad is the electronic genius who parented a device that sends interactive holographic images of businessmen to their clients. The images can transact deals and answer questions in real-time. All that is needed is for each participant to have the device which is the size of a pocket watch.

Mia’s mother on the other hand is the American socialite Audrey Cunningham daughter of Tyler Cunningham of New Hampshire. The Cunningham clan is world-class ship designers and builders. Their family heritage can be traced all the way to colonial days when the first Cunningham set foot on American soil. Some of the most prestigious ships on earth have the Cunningham monogram in tiny letters under their logo.

Mia, like her sister Maude Lindstrom, has been educated in the most elite European schools and her mannerism displays this well. However, while Maude (called Muff) enjoys the fanfare of a patrician lifestyle; Mia prefers deadlines, conferences, and a more dynamic way of living.

“I like going into a shop without the entire sales force at my beck and call!” Mia says to her sister.

“Well darling, I simply adore being muddled over. I would think with your gorgeous looks you would fit right in.” Muff says with her red lips turned down into an unbecoming frown.

Muff does not possess the natural good looks of her younger sister; she is the image of her mother; small with mousy brown hair and average looks. Muff has to work hard to achieve what Mia has naturally. She constantly wears high heels and clothes that truly complement her figure and give the illusion of height.

So when Frank Gillespie first decides to try his luck in advertising and needs a sharp assistant, Mia’s father recommends her. She has worked with him and he knows that she will be just what Frank needs. Muff and her mother are firmly against it

“Oh please daddy, don’t send Mia to the states. I will simply die of boredom if I have to live in this dreadful place alone.” Muff tells her father.

“Muff dear, Mia will be perfect for that style of life. She has had experience working with me and Frank will have a trusted assistant.” Tad tries to reason with his eldest daughter.

Thad is completely convinced that his daughter is the ideal candidate for the new adventure.
Thad is completely convinced that his daughter is the ideal candidate for the new adventure.

“Yes, I think she will make me a very good assistant, Muff. Mia has a good business head and she would present a great impression on clients.” Frank adds. “Besides, Seattle will be a welcome change of scenery for her from Hong Kong.”

“That’s right Muff, I need the change.” Mia interjects.

“Oh sweetheart, Hong Kong is simply marvelous place in which to live. While I adore the atmosphere in places like London or Paris, don’t you just love the shops!” Her mother exclaims.

“It’s all well and good for you and Muff, but I need something different. I want to go to the states and see how things are. I have gone to the States for visits with dad, but it’s not the same as actually living there.” Mia whines.

“Then, why don’t you consider modeling?” Muff asks. “You definitely have the face and stature for it, and you will be in constant contact with all those glamour people!”

“No, I don’t want my daughter prancing in front of a group of strangers skimpy clad, Muff!” Her mother admonishes. “Mia would be exposed to all sorts of people. There could even be a stalker in the crowd!”

“I have never thought of that.” Muff replies.

“I am willing to go to America; I think it’s up to Frank. Frank, will you take a chance on me?” Mia questions smiling up at him with a look few men could resist. All though Mia can hardly be called a player, she knows how to capitalize on her assets!

“I would be thrilled to have you come to America with me, Mia.” Frank replies blushing. “And don’t you worry, Audrey. Mia will be well protected and Thad, she will have the opportunity to really get her feet wet in the business world.”

“Her feet were soggy enough here under the watchful eyes of her father. Why does she need to go to the States and to Seattle no less? Why couldn’t you have created your advertising dynasty in New Hampshire? At least there will be family to look after my daughter there.” Her mother replies stubbornly.

“Mother please, I want to leave Hong Kong. I want to go to America with Frank.” Mia pleads.

“I think it will do her good, Audrey dear.” Thad says to his wife gently.

After much deliberating, it is decided that Mia will be allowed to give independence a five year trial. If after five years she has not been able to make her mark in the business world then she is to return to her parents in Hong Kong. Mia agrees. Mia can hardly wait until Frank get things in place so that she can join him.

To Be Continued ...

Writing the Series ...

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© 2014 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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    • Jacqueline4390 profile image

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 3 years ago from Memphis

      Some people turn their short stories into full-length novels. It's easier if you link your short stories into one smooth continuous flow.

    • Jacqueline4390 profile image

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 3 years ago from Memphis

      Writing a series of short stories can be challenging however enjoyable to those who desire taking small bites as oppose to large gulps of novels.