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A Girl Who Fall in Love With a Celebrity

Updated on August 14, 2020
Chen Xiaoyei profile image

Rina love to watch and to read fiction drama, fairy tale, and any informational books.

Yi Liang Xing
Chen Lin Yue
Dee Jun Xiang
A simple girl who excel in everything she do. She is a student at Tsinghua University, in Bejing. She is studying Astronomy. She is ambitious. She wants to travel around the world and in outer space. Her life was messy. She always fall in love with a person who can't love her back. She was born in the province of Heibei. She is a kpop fan, kdrama lover, cdrama, taiwanese drama, jdrama, and thai drama lover. She is born in a poor family.
Chen Lin Yue is a half chinese-korean celebrity and model. He was known for his first title drama "My Love" in 2019. Because of his handsome appearance and good in acting he got famous and gained a lot of fans around the world. Mostly in Thailand, Philippines, Mainland, South Korea, and Japan. Chen Lin Yue was born in China. When he was 6 years old, his parents move to South Korea and have their business. His family business have grown well. But at the age of 10 years old, his parents got divorced. No reason found why the two have agreed to divorced not even him knows it, their only son. He was raised by his Mother all alone. He is a pet and meat lover. Chen Lin Yue studying Arts in Korea National Sports University majoring in dancing.
Mr. Dee Jun Xiang is the only heir of Dee's corporation. He is a spoiled brat. He can get all he want. But he only have few friends in his school. He meet Yi Liang Xing at the school registrar. He lacks in socializing other people. When no classes, he would rather stay at his room and play online games than to enjoy outside.



Yi Liang Xing is a simple, smart girl studying Bachelor of Science in Astronomy, majoring in Astrophysics at Tsinghua University. Despite her busy-student life, she manages to watch Korean drama, Japanese, and Chinese. She has lots of celebrities idol. Her ultimate celebrity crush is Mike He, a Taiwanese-Chinese actor. Until one day, she watched the 2019 Chinese drama, My Love. She hooked up with the drama. But what she likes the most about was the main male lead. She felt her heart fast beating. Mr. Chen Lin Yue is a celebrity and model known for his 2019 drama hit, My Love. A boyfriend material every girl falls in love with him. One of the girls who fall for him is Yi Liang Xing. After all the day-dreaming, Yi Liang Xing searches about him. She even applied for an International scholarship in South Korea.

Would her efforts turn into good? What will happen if they unexpectedly cross their paths? Would they have the chance to have each other side in the future?

Tsinghua University:
30 Shuangqing Rd, Haidian Qu, Beijing Shi, China

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Chapter 1: She Is Bored

Early in the morning, Yi Liang Xing was doing household chores as her daily routine. It was too hard for her to wake up at such a time because she always slept late at night. But despite Yi Liang Xing still, manages her time. After doing all household chores, she will prepare food for breakfast. She was chopping onion when she heard someone is coming in the kitchen.

Are you done? Aunt Dee asked.
Yi Liang Xi responded immediately, Almost done, Aunt Dee. I am chopping onion now.
Okay, you continue, I will go to first at the canteen to ask Mr. Lai to get some Malunggay leaves. I'll be cooking chicken soup with Malunngay later for our lunch, Aunt Dee replied.

She continues chopping the onion. While Aunt Dee, leave first. An hour later, Aunt Dee's only son wakes up. He goes first in the comfort room.

Door opening. Door locking. Water Flashing.

A minute after, Aunt Dee comes back. She asked his son if he already eats his breakfast. Yi Liang Xing also has done chopping the onion.

Not yet, Mom. Mr. Dee replied to his Mom.
Yi Liang Xing, come over. You get the food, and let's have our breakfast, Aunt Dee said to Liang Xing.
Yi Liang Xing nodded!

Yi Liang Xing moves and gets the plates, spoon, and fork. She places it accordingly. When Aunt Dee's son spoke, Mom, what's the viand?
Scrambled eggs, Fried Eggplants, and suited sardines, Aunt Dee replied.

I don't eat vegetables and sardines. Mr. Dee said.
Then, you have scrambled eggs. Aunt Dee replied.
Okay, Mom. By the way, Mom, I will not eat rice. Do we still have bread? Mr. Dee asked.
Yes, we still have. You can get it in the food cabinet. Aunt Dee replied to him.

Mr. Dee stood up. He gets some bread in the food cabinet. Mr. Dee is picky at food, but he is a fat boy.While eating their breakfast, they have some small talks on the table. Mr.Dee talked first.

Mom, I watched the television report last night. And it was said, the virus outbreaks in Tangshan City, thousands of people were already killed. Mr. Dee said worryingly.
Son, I watched it too. Tangshan City is in a state of calamity. We might be possible in quarantine for a month. Aunt Dee replied sadly.

Yi Liang Xing was slowly eating while hearing the conversation of the two, referring to Mr. Dee and Aunt Dee. She doesn't have any idea about the virus outbreak in Tangsan City. She has no cellphone or laptop to use for watching. She also not fond of watching television. Suddenly, she has some thoughts in her mind to interact with their conversation. She was about to speak when Aunt Dee asked her a question. What about you, Liang Xing. Have you watched the outbreak virus in the City? I bet not you seemed quiet.

Yeah, Aunt Dee, I haven't. I have no gadgets to use for watching. You know me, Aunt, I am not fond of watching television. Yi Liang Xing said in a sad tone.
It's okay. We live in the same roof. We can update you anytime, right son? Aunt Dee turned her head to her son.
Of course, Mom. Mr. Dee replied.

It takes an hour for them to finish their breakfast, every time they are together at the dining table. After eating, Yi Liang Xing would wash the dishes. It is also part of her daily routine as she was living with them. Yi Liang Xing is Aunt Dee's son schoolmate. They have no blood connection.

Yi Liang Xing was washing the dishes when she heard a familiar female voice near the sofa area. She turned her head towards the sofa and saw a smiling face of Aunt Dee's niece. Aunt Dee came out from her room.

Hi, Aunt Dee. How are you? Ms. Angel asked.

I'm fine. What about you and the kids? Aunt Dee replied.

Aunt Dee, we are okay. Ms. Angel replied in assurance.
Oh, I see. What's the news? Aunt Dee asked.
Mr. President has announced in his latest media conference that Tangshan City will be put under quarantine to ensure the safety of the people. Ms. Angel replied.
I see I knew it already, Niece.

I am doing good, Sis. And you, Sis?
I’m also doing good.
Ah, I applied for a radio-television DJ in TXN.
Really? Ms. Angel asked
Yes, I did.
Oh, that’s great. But haven’t you heard it’ll shut down soon?
I knew. Is this true? Will it happen?
Yes, of course. TXN violated the law. They must settle it legally.
Oh, I see. Yi Liang Xing replied.

Aunt Dee seemed out of the cast. So, she spoke up.
Good for you, Yi Liang Xing. But it is not good to apply for a job now. We are under strict quarantine. Even me, I want to start working at my canteen but due to the pandemic, I cannot. My son will not allow me. Yi Liang Xing has no response. She was disappointed at Aunt Dee’s words to her. Ms. Angel has no comment either, Aunt Dee and Ms. Angel continued chitchatting. Yi Liang Xing goes to her room. She locks the door and isolates herself.

I can’t believe her. She was annoying. Yi Liang Xing said to herself about what Aunt Dee’s said earlier. I might go crazy here. I should not have come to her place. Paused

At least, I know now she is not the person I need. Good job, Yi Liang Xing. You can now move out of this place. Oh, wait, Yi Liang Xing, how can you move out? Did you think of your excuse? Yi Liang Xing talked to herself.

Yi Liang Xing laughing! I might go crazy here. I must move out as soon as possible. I don’t want to get crazy because of her. (sighed)

Clock ticking!

Noise outside!

Dog barking!

Yi Liang Xing looked at her watch. Oh, no! It’s already 11:30 am. Half-hour before lunch, did Aunt Dee already cook chicken soup for our lunch? She asked herself. She goes out of her room. She smelled something coming from the kitchen.

Yi Liang Xing, “hmmm, smells good”. I’m hungry.

Aunt Dee, will I be going to prepare lunch? Yi Liang Xing asked.

What time is it? Aunt Dee asked in return.

It’s already 12NN.

Okay, you prepare now. After, you call us in the room if all is ready.

Yi Liang Xing, nodded!


All set and ready now.

Knock, knock! Aunt Dee, food is ready.

Okay, son let’s eat.

You go first, Mom. I will finish this one. Mr. Dee replied.

Okay, we will wait for you at the dining table.

Mr. Dee, nodded!

Mom, what’s the viand? Mr. Dee asked behind his Mom. The always question of Mr. Dee every time he eats his meal. He would ask first the viand than to wash his hand first. Yi Liang Xing somewhat feels annoyed about him.

The always question of Mr. Dee every time he eats his meal. He would ask first the viand than to wash his hand first. Yi Liang Xing somewhat feels annoyed about him.

Aunt Dee asked Yi Liang Xing about her cooking chicken soup, while Yi Liang Xing is about to taste it.

How's it? Is it delicious?

Hmmm, yeah, it's delicious, Aunt Dee. Yi Liang Xing thumbs up.

Thank you, Yi Liang Xing, for your honest compliment. Aunt Dee said.

Always welcome, Aunt Dee.

Son, are you done with your online subject?

Not all, Mom. Mr. Dee replied.

Then, what were you doing staying up all night, turning on your computer almost the whole night?

I'm playing online games with my friends.

You brat! Could you please focus on your studies?

Mom, I am. Don't worry, okay?

How can you say that, when you are always playing online games than to mind your online subjects?

You spoiled brat! Aunt Dee scolded him.

Mr. Dee and Aunt Dee were like this. They will fight over, yet Aunt Dee couldn't do anything to get mad at his son. Aunt Dee raises him alone when Mr. Dee's father died a long time ago. Aunt Dee was a simple plain woman who came from a province of Xindong.


Aunt Dee met her husband when they both worked in a company business firm in Tangsan City. During that time, Aunt Dee was renting a room near the office where she and her husband worked. When the two meet, they fall in love at first sight. That's how their love story begins.

After 2 years of being in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, Mr. Anson Dee asked Aunt Dee to marry him. Aunt Dee said, "yes" to him with no hesitation, she was sure that the man she wants to spend her whole life with until her last breath was Mr. Anson Dee.

Mr. Anson Dee, will you marry me? I will accept it if you are not ready yet.

Yes, of course. I'll marry you, Mr, Anson Dee, my only love.

Mr. Anson Dee is the only son and heir of Dee's corporation. But Mr. Anson Dee is quite an independent man. He chooses to work outside his family companies to experience and learn things on his own so he can manage their company in the future. His parents are no against him. He got them all support. All Mr. Anson Dee's friends and classmates in college and primary were envious of him for that. I can say, Mr. Anson Dee was the luckiest son in the world because of his parents. They are not only rich materially but also rich in love with each other as family bonds. Who would not envy him? Right?

After eating their lunch, as usual, Yi Liang Xing will wash the dishes. Mr. Dee doesn't know household chores. He only knows computer games.

Water flowing!

Noise plates!

Noise Glass!

Finally, done washing plates. I can now sleep. I feel so sleepy lately. I almost forgot, I only have 2 hours of sleep. Yi Liang Xing murmuring, how I wish I can get my laptop at my brother's house. Sigh.

After washing the dishes, Yi Liang Xing goes to the room and lie down. When she is about to sleep, she heard someone knocking on the front door.

Knock, Knock, knock!

Wait, coming!

Door opening!

Tada, are you surprised? Brenda asked.

Yi Liang Xing was shocked.

OMG, why are you here?

Am I not welcome?

Not that. What brings you here all the way?

I have this for you.

What's that?

You open it.

Yi Liang Xing opened the box Brenda's surprised by her. OMG, a laptop? Are you giving this to me?

Yes, of course. What friends are for, right?

My God, thank you so much, you are my best friend.

Yi Liang Xing was about to hug her best friend tightly when she suddenly realizes they are under quarantine. Everyone is required to observe social distancing.

Hey, what?

I almost forgot the virus was transmitted so fast.


What's funny, dear?


Don't come near me, dear, you may have got some virus outside.

Hahaha! Yi Liang Xing, is that you?

Nah, yes, of course! Yi Liang Xing's serious look.

Okay, okay. Just kidding, I will disinfect now.

Brenda spraying alcohol over her body to disinfect. After Yi Liang Xing, hug her tightly, as if they have not seen each other for a long decade.

Yi Liang Xing tears fall.

Hey, why are you crying? Brenda asked.

Ahm, tears of joy. I couldn't imagine my life now without having my best friend.

Okay, okay. Stop crying now. Brenda said while topping her back.

It's true, Brenda. You know me, right? I have no family to call on.

Okay, okay. I knew it! Brenda agreed fast.

By the way, are you okay here? Are they good at you?

Yi Liang Xing can’t answer her best friend straight. Because she knows inside of herself, she is not okay living with Mr. Dee and Aunt Dee. Not just because of some treatment to her but also the fact they are not blood-related.

Ahm, yes, Brenda. I’m okay here and they are good to me. Yi Liang Xing replied.

That’s good. I am now relieved. Knowing you are okay, I can now leave with ease.

Why were you saying that? Are you worried about me? Ti Liang Xing asked.

Of course, you are my only best friend. The one who taught me to find myself back. Even Though she was also having a hard time pulling herself back.

Thank you, Brenda. I Love You, my best friend. Yi Liang Xing said.

You are always welcome, Yi Liang Xing. I love you too.

© 2020 Rina Grace


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