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A Glance Across The Dance Floor

Updated on October 31, 2012
Now she knows who danced across the room.
Now she knows who danced across the room. | Source

This song was popular the year of the Senior Prom.

The last time

She saw him

Was when

She looked

Across the

Dance room floor.

He was smiling

He was laughing

With someone else.

Little did

This young girl

Know that

Thirty four

Years later-

She would

Get to know

That certain

Dark and


Young man

That she

Saw across

The dance

Room floor.

There is


Different now,

Even if

They don't

Look the same,

Even if

They now

Know each

Other's name.

Little did

He know,

He was so


But now

Not so Far


From an

Answer to

The Dream.

copyright@ 2012 CMCastro


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