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A Glimpse of Hope

Updated on August 8, 2017
Adolf Festejo profile image

Adolf is a graduate of Philosophy at San Pablo Major Seminary. He is a registered teacher and currently living in the Philippines.

Forlorn in the shadows of the night

In the blanket of stars I gaze upright

The radiant moonbeam in the dark sky

Reflects the tears in my eyes as I cry.

In the midst of coldness I keep on asking

Would love keep on burning?

Deep within I stopped on dreaming

Now I understand, I should start believing.

Inevitable as a man has to ponder

Pain makes us better and stronger.

Resilient as a tree in the blow of the wind

Inside I am as strong as it seemed.

I have been broken for so many times

Yet I still remain to be sublime

Like a broken bell that continues to chime

Though broken, I still look fine.

The smiles that I keep on my face

Dissembling happiness to show solace.

Defined by the past I have been,

People judge as if my past they have seen.

People say: poor little fellow

Looking weak and intellectually shallow.

But I say: wait until you see what I sow

My dreams I will never forego.


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    • Adolf Festejo profile image

      Adolf Christopper Festejo 6 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you sir Ryan...

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 6 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      Very good poem. A lot of emotion here. Great descriptions as well. I enjoyed this and look forward to reading more of your works.